Corporate / Educational

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American Humane Association Mailer
Information provided to producers working with animals by the American Humane Association.
Informational / Guide PDF
Production Checklist Corporate Educational
Document provided to signatories identifying actions that they need to take or documents that they need to complete during the production of a Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Contract
Fillable PDF
Preliminary Information Sheet Corporate Non-Broadcast
Information Sheet used to gather information from potential signatories to the Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Contract to gather information .
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Corporate LLC Partnership Authorization Form
Form for identifying the authorized signer of a company signing SAG-AFTRA documents.
Fillable PDF
2015-2018 Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Rate Sheet
Rate sheet for the 2015 SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast Contract
Informational / Guide PDF