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SAG Statement Regarding Rejection of 301 Petition

Screen Actors Guild Statement Regarding Rejection of 301 (a) Petition Challenging Canadian Subsidies Los Angeles (October 19, 2007) – Screen Actors Guild is extremely disappointed to learn that the United States Trade Representative did not accept our recent 301 (a) petition challenging Canadian film subsidies. We believe it is imperative to seek every remedy possible to fight runaway production while protecting and improving the wages and working conditions of our members. We will continue our hard work throughout the country to create and improve federal, state and municipal film, television, commercial and new media incentives designed to save our jobs Statement from Gretchen Hamel, Deputy Assistant USTR for Public and Media Affairs, regarding a Section 301 Petition on Canadian Film Subsidies: “On September 4, 2007, we received a petition under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 on the issue of Canadian film subsidies. The petition argued that Canadian subsidies on the filming of U.S.-produced television shows and theatrical films within Canada were inconsistent with Canada’s obligations under the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, and requested that the USTR immediately initiate a WTO dispute on these issues. As provided under USTR regulations, the petition was reviewed by an interagency committee of trade and economic experts. Based on a thorough review of the economic data, other facts, and legal arguments set out in the petition, the interagency committee unanimously recommended that the USTR not accept the petition because a dispute based on the information and arguments set out in the petition would not be effective in addressing the Canadian subsidies. Ambassador Schwab has accepted this recommendation, and has decided not to initiate a Section 301 investigation in response to the petition.”

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