Playing an NBA star in the film 'Switch'

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Playing an NBA star in the film 'Switch'

November 4 - Anchorage Daily News
By Beth Bragg

Q: How did you get the job? Take me through the process.

A: It really came out of the blue. I was on my way back to LA from visiting my family in Ketchikan and I got a call from one of the top sports coordinators for movies and commercials. I've worked with him several times and he told me he had a movie I'd be perfect for. He said it was a Warner Brothers film with Kevin Durant and all I had to do was go over to their studio and meet the director and show him some of the things I can do with a basketball. I went and met with him and they had a basketball court that they built for George Clooney right in the center of the Warner Brothers lot, so we went out there and I showed him what I could do. He liked it and said he'd see me next week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! It was pretty nerve-wracking but I've been practicing my "audition dribbling routine" everyday since I moved out here so I have gotten pretty good at it.

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