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The Official E-Newsletter of the Philadelphia Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Philadelphia Local
September 2015


Local Board Members

Tom McNutt – President
Brooke Stacy Mills – Vice President (Actor-Performer)
Ed Fischer – Vice President (Broadcast-News & Information)
Sam Clover – Secretary
Helen McNutt – National Board Member

Sara Jane Blazo
Rob Charry
Cyndy Drue
Meagan Hill
Harvey Jaffe
Paul Kurtz
Gail Lewis
Susan Moses
Neil Samuels
Richard Sheeran

Executive Director - Stephen Leshinski
Associate Executive Director - Shelley Figures
Business Representative - Lynn Koenigsberg
Benefits & Membership Administrator - Michele Dooley
Editor - Shelley Figures
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230 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
O (215) 732-0507
F (215) 732-0086

FYI - A more efficient way to contact staff at the Philadelphia Local is coming soon. Stay tuned for a list of direct dial phone numbers to local staff.



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Message from the Local President

Tom McNutt

Dear Members,

Thank you, SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia Local members, for electing me president. I promise that I will do my very best to serve you well. 

I congratulate all our newly elected board members: vice presidents Ed Fischer and Brooke Stacy Mills; Secretary Sam Clover; broadcast members Rob Charry, Cyndy Drue, Paul Kurtz and Dick Sheeran; actor/performer members Sara Blazo, Gail Lewis, Susan Moses and Neil Samuels; and at-large members Meagan Hill and Harvey Jaffe. Congratulations also to everyone who was elected convention delegate. 

A special thanks to all who were not elected; please continue your interest in serving and share your insights with us. Finally, thank you to John Wooten for his excellent service and leadership these past several years. 

To our members: Remember, you are the union! Working together, our members and local board can accomplish much. Share your ideas with us so that we can serve you better and strengthen SAG-AFTRA in the local marketplace. 

Proudly, we join our SAG-AFTRA colleagues across the country and say we are “the best in the biz!”

Tom McNutt