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18th Production 3/24/2016
Five Minute Mysteries
Baby Snooks - The Ugly Duckling



17th Production 12/03/2015
Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch Christmas Party


16th Production 6/25/2015
Dragnet – The Big Father
Father Knows Best


15th Production 03/19/2015
Richard Diamond, Private Detective – The Man with the Scar
My Favorite Husband – Spring Cleaning



14th Production 12/04/2014
Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch Christmas Party


13th Production 06/26/2014
Challenge of the Yukon
The Bickersons
Our Miss Brooks


12th Production 3/27/2014
Burns and Allen – 3/1/1950
Fibber McGee and Molly
My Friend Irma


11th Production 12/05/2013
The Francis Church Response – 9/21/1897
Twas the Night before Christmas – 1844
A Christmas Carol – 1939



10th Production 6/20/2013
Easy Aces – 11/30/1939
Flash Gordon – 5/11/1935
It Pays to Be Ignorant – 1951



9th Production 2/13/2013  
Blondie – 2/12/1940  
The Judy Canova Show – 2/1944


8th Production 10/18/2012  
Murder of Mrs. Brooks (five-minute short)
The Adventure of the Murdered Ship – Ellery Queen
My Pal Patsy (five-minute short)  
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe  
Death Calls at Dinner (five-minute short)
 The Halloween Jewel Thief


7th Production 06/06/2012  
Arsenic and Old Lace – 12/25/1946  
The Adventures of the Thin Man – The Case of the Grumpy Groom – 3/10/1946


6th Production 02/16/2012
Royal Wedding: Burns & Allen  
Mystery in the Air: Nobody Loves Me Duffy’s Tavern



5th Production 10/27/2011  
Baby Snooks and Daddy: Halloween Show – 11/1/1946  
It pays to Be Ignorant  
Our Miss Brooks: Thanksgiving Show – 11/19/1950


4th Production 06/09/2011  
Father Knows Best  
Flash Gordon  
Fibber McGee and Molly


3rd Production 02/22/2011  
Ozzie & Harriet – Buying A Valentine 2/13/1948  
The Life of Riley  
Jack Benny Show – High Noon 09/28/1952



2nd Production 09/30/2010  
The Thin Man  
Sorry, Wrong Number  
My Favorite Husband



1st Production 05/20/2010  
The Hitchhiker  
Our Miss Brooks