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If you have a specific question about overtime or need further information, please contact a business representative at your SAG-AFTRA local office.

The performer’s pay, for overtime purposes, is computed from time of first call to dismissal, excluding meal periods. Overtime for performers receiving over the money breaks will be based on the applicable money break amount.

Day Performers (Theatrical and Television):

Money breaks: two times the minimum day performer rate per day.

Overtime is paid in 1/10th hourly units at time-and-one-half for the ninth and tenth hours, and at double time beyond ten hours. Performers over the money break receive time-and-one-half after 10 hours based on the money break.

3-Day Performers (Television only):

Money breaks: $2,700 ($3,000 effective 6-10-10)

Daily overtime is payable beyond 10 hours in 1/10th hourly units at double time. In addition, cumulative overtime is payable beyond 24 straight time hours cumulated over the 3-day period (or beyond 32 hours cumulated over a 4-day period, if the contract guarantees 4 days) at time-and-a-half in one-tenth (1/10th) hourly units. For days worked beyond the guarantee days, overtime commences after 8 hours on a daily basis and is payable in 1/10th hourly untis at time-and-a-half for the 9th and 10th hours and double-time thereafter.

Weekly and Series Performers

Money breaks (Theatrical): $5,500 (Schedule C only)

Money breaks (Television): $4,400