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What is paperless billing?
Paperless billing is a free service of SAG-AFTRA that delivers to your inbox an email reminder when your dues bill has been issued. You will then be able to view an electronic version of your normal dues bill at SAGAFTRA.org, replacing the hard copy you would have previously received via the U.S. Postal Service.

No paper. No stamps. You can also easily download your dues bill and print it out if you should ever need a paper copy.

Will I be notified automatically that a paperless dues bill is available for viewing?
Yes, but only if you opt in to receive an electronic version of your dues bill. If you do not opt in, you will continue to receive a paper dues bill without an email notification. If you do opt in, be sure to add ebills@sagaftra.org to your e-mail address book to keep this important notification out of your spam folder.

How do I “opt in” for paperless billing?
After you've established a membership account on SAGAFTRA.org and logged in as a member, you can enroll by clicking “SIGN UP FOR PAPERLESS BILLING” at SAGAFTRA.org/onlinebilling.

and you’re on your way to viewing your complete current dues bill — an electronic facsimile of what you would receive in the mail, accessible at any time. You will also need to:

- Click to change your “Billing Method Selection” from “U.S. Mail” to “Email,”
- Review and agree to the “Electronic Billing Terms and Conditions,”
- And provide your preferred email address.

That’s it until your bill arrives.

May I also use opting in as an opportunity to update my email address with the union?
Yes, you have the option of choosing your preferred billing email as the email where you’ll receive all of your union communications.

What happens when the email reminder arrives?
The email simply will remind you to log in as a member and go to “Billing Information” under the “Member Services” tab. There, you will be able to review your most recent bill(s) available.

If I opt in, may I change my mind?
Yes, simply restore your “Billing Method Selection” to “U.S. Mail” and you will receive a paper bill in the next billing cycle.

How do I pay the electronic dues bill?
After you log in as a member, you select the existing options under “Pay Dues Online.” This service will not change, whether you opt in for electronic billing or not. It’s still the only way to pay your bill online. 

Do I have to opt in for paperless billing in order to continue to pay my dues bill online?
No, you will not lose any existing options for normal online payment if you don’t choose to opt in for paperless billing.

Similarly, you will still use this system if you choose to opt in and pay your dues online.

How much does paperless billing cost?
Electronic dues billing is a free service of SAG-AFTRA.

How much money can paperless billing save?
Well, SAG-AFTRA has more than 165,000 members, each previously requiring that a paper bill with postage be sent to them twice a year. You do the math!

Will “technical difficulties” be an acceptable excuse for not paying dues on time?
No, and as a reminder, please carefully read the “Electronic Billing Terms and Conditions” before opting in.

We do not expect you to have any problems with the paperless system, but you should take precautions, including adding ebills@sagaftra.org to your email address book, checking your email regularly and updating your spam filter.

Your billing is an expected part of being a member, whether you receive reminders via U.S. mail or electronically. Bills are sent out twice a year, on or around April 16 and October 16.

But what if I don't receive the email notification?
Dues bills are issued twice yearly on or about April 16 and October 16. If you have opted in to electronic billing but have not received your electronic reminder, you can still log in to your account to view your most recent dues bill and pay your dues online. If you do not receive your email reminder, and your email address for electronic billing is correct, you should contact webhelp@sagaftra.org for assistance.

Why should I use online billing?
Environmentally, it’s simply the right thing to do.

You can save time, natural resources (those great, oxygen-giving things called trees) and stamps.

You can access your full, detailed dues bill online as soon as it’s available (typically on or around April 16 and October 16), and at any time of night or day thereafter, except during occasional maintenance periods. (Over time, your most recent bills will be archived online for your reference.)

You can take a bold step toward eliminating clutter from your life.

You can join other hip, proud, technologically savvy union members, which makes for great conversation at member events.

You can save your union (and yourself) money.

What more do you need to know? Sign up for paperless billing today!

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