October SAG Agent of the Month: Bob Schroeder, Aria Talent, Chicago

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October SAG Agent of the Month: Bob Schroeder, Aria Talent, Chicago

October SAG Agent of the Month: Bob Schroeder, Ford Talent Group, Inc.
Bob Schroeder, Aria Talent

— Submitted by Screen Actors Guild member Catherine Glynn 

Allow me a few moments to sing the praises of Bob Schroeder at Aria Talent in Chicago.  When it comes to protecting and promoting the rights of actors, this agent does everything within his power to ensure that we are well provided and protected.  He knows the SAG rules like nobody’s business, and he goes to bat for us time and time again.  I consider his efforts to be tireless.  And God knows, he has a tiring job. 

Bob is actually the one (and only) agent who spoke to me frankly about with it means to be a fee paying non-member (a/k/a fi-core) versus being in good standing with the Union, and it was his passion for the Guild that lit the flame under me. He made it clear that being fi-core undermines all that Union members work so hard for and that if I chose to go that way, it would mean that he could no longer stand by me.

He is a constant source of joy and enthusiasm for my career. He always takes the time to tell me exactly what I can expect when I book a job.  If it looks like it's a job that will infringe on my rights in any way, he always, and I mean always, checks in and explains how a particular deal will be shaped. 

Those who sign with Ford are, generally speaking, actors who will be with them for the rest of their careers in Chicago.  I know I will be.  I would be thrilled to see Bob get some much deserved recognition for all that he does for Chicago actors, and for SAG.
Catherine Glynn 
Screen Actors Guild member Catherine Glynn
SAG member Catherine Glynn 

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