Meditation Roundtable for Performers with Zuyapa Jackson

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Zuyapa Jackson has created the Meditation Roundtable for Performers to share a safe space of turning work-life challenges into triumphs and successes into the norm. Participants will come together to explore the common threads of the group’s experiences followed by a guided meditation and mindfulness practice to incorporate into their daily life and career foundation. 

Zuyapa Jackson is an energy healer, spiritual guide and meditation teacher who has enjoyed many years of working in the entertainment industry. Her work has been seen in over five countries. Her core passion lies in sharing the grace and power of practical spirituality and healing through the soul. She helps her clients to embrace their authentic truth so that they have clarity and confidence in their endeavors with soul presence and purpose. The goal is whole life success. She has a thriving practice in NYC working with clients in person and virtually from any location. Her performance industry clients can be seen on network TV, film and motivational speaking platforms. Her love of inspiring others led her to create Wild Wish Kit, an inspirational kit that empowers people to remember their creative nature and make their dreams a reality.  

No prior meditation experience is necessary. All levels are welcome and encouraged

Event Date: 
Monday, September 25, 2017 12:00 - 13:00