Introducing Your SAG-AFTRA Theatrical Contracts Team

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Introducing Your SAG-AFTRA Theatrical Contracts Team

The SAG-AFTRA Theatrical Contracts Department works from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. five days a week to answer calls, emails and any questions that you may have.  

SAG-AFTRA’s Theatrical Contracts Department handles projects that are intended to be exhibited in theaters and traditional film festivals. While there are a number of contracts that the department administers, the most common are the Theatrical Basic Agreement, Low Budget Agreement, Modified Low Budget Agreement, Ultra Low Budget Agreement, Short Film Agreement and Student Film Agreement. These contracts can include animated projects, documentaries, international filming and dubbing, along with traditional feature films. All these contracts are available on the app and website, along with all other contract digests and rate sheets. Click here to view theatrical contracts. The specifics of the project will determine which agreement a film qualifies for, so producers and performers are always encouraged to contact the department with questions.

Within the Theatrical Contracts Department, there are a variety of employees that work to support you, the members. Administrative assistants diligently answer phone calls to ensure that you get in touch with the correct staff member. Signatory business representatives work with producers to sign their projects to the appropriate agreement and are always happy to tell you the clearance status of a film on which you may be working. Financial assurances business representatives ensure that SAG-AFTRA has the appropriate legal relationship with the films that our members work on to ensure both initial compensation and residuals. Claims business representatives are available to help answer inquiries related to specific terms of the contract and your employment, and can also file claims to enforce your rights when the contract has been violated. Auditor business representatives crunch the numbers to determine if you have been paid correctly. The managers and national director are here to make sure everything runs smoothly and act as your advocates within SAG-AFTRA and in the community.  

Each contract has different rates, terms and conditions, and your Theatrical Contracts staff is always here to help you navigate how they apply to principal performers. If you are a background actor, singer, dancer or stunt performer on a theatrical project, we will be happy to connect you with our colleagues in the appropriate departments. 

Please, feel free to call or email us anytime you have questions or concerns. We are happy to help you!

Theatrical Contracts Department Contact Information

Click here for the Contracts Department website. 

Phone Number: (323) 549-6828