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The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA New Orleans Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA New Orleans Local
Fall 2016


The New Orleans Local Conservatory hosted a self-taping workshop with Lance Nichols at Second Line Studios on June 5. In the two-hour workshop, Nichols offered advice to SAG-AFTRA members about how to self-tape quality video auditions. Some members performed scenes on camera, which Nichols critiqued. The SAG-AFTRA participants for the workshop were selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Board member Artemis Preeshl is the chair of the Conservatory Committee.

Stay tuned for future events hosted by the New Orleans Conservatory!


Be sure to visit the Local Member Benefits page on the SAG-AFTRA website here. The page contains information about the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, the SAG-AFTRA Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund, the SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union, the New Orleans Film Society, and discounts on actor reels, audition taping, and head and body shots for your portfolios. One provider is even offering free kung fu and tai chi classes! This list will be updated as new providers are added, so check it often.

Contact the New Orleans Local by email if you would like information about how you can get added to the list. We are looking to add providers in Louisiana and Mississippi.


One last reminder: Have you registered with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation? Have you created your Casting Access Online profile and uploaded your headshot and resume? Check the Foundation’s website at this link for more detailed information. It is a great opportunity and it is free!


Diana Boylston – President
Charles Ferrara – Vice President
Frank Peter Boimare III - Secretary
Robert Bennett
Ritchie Montgomery
Artemis Preeshl 
George J. Sanchez
Olga Wilhelmine

You can contact any of your board members by sending an email stating which board member you're trying to reach and we will contact you.

It’s Good to Be Back! A Note from Our Local President

Diana Boylston

Hello performers, stunt performers, broadcasters, voiceover artists, and all other members of the New Orleans Local! It’s good to be back!

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by the historic flooding in Louisiana. We recently sent out an e-blast that listed contact information for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and the SAG-AFTRA Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund. If you have been affected by the flooding and want to request assistance, check out the links or telephone numbers in the email to see if you can get any help. There are no guarantees, but help may be available.

Along with the other info in this newsletter, we’re presenting a few ideas that might assist you in developing your craft and generating income.

1. Please check your email from Aug. 12 (4:12 p.m.) and notify me at if you didn’t get an email from “Casting Access Online.” This is a SAG-AFTRA Foundation program that provides workshops and “Conversations” with pros from all parts of our industry.

Our local is working with the Foundation right now to get us some programs directed specifically towards us. In order to get programs tailored to the members of the New Orleans Local, we need to get as many of you as possible to register at the Foundation site and submit a brief profile along with your acting resume and a headshot. This will give you access to a number of prerecorded videos about subjects such as the business, meditation, residuals, casting directors and cast members from film and TV.

Submitting your acting profile helps us by opening the door to a different way to audition for casting directors outside our area: Casting Access Online. If the Foundation sees a lot of registrations from our local, the staff can see that we are interested in its programs. When they see that we are interested in working with them, they will work with us to schedule casting directors to work directly with small groups of our members, providing feedback on taped sessions of sides assigned directly to the members involved. This is a free service provided through the Foundation. Unless we register and fill out profiles, however, the Foundation does not know that we are ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

[See the Local Resources section of our local’s web pages for detailed instructions about how to register with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and how to submit your Casting Access Online profile. Select “New Orleans” as your local and check the New Orleans check box to receive emails about local Foundation events — it is at the bottom of the list in each case. If you have already registered, check that you are in the New Orleans Local, as it was not an available selection at one time. — Ed.]

2. Check out The Hustle, a new column that contains a brief breakdown of a stunt performers meet-and-greet event that was held this past May. This title came from a stuntman who suggested the name, saying, “We don’t audition in stunts, we hustle!” Let us know whether you like this name or if you have a different name in mind. We want to keep the lines of communication open to our stunt performers — you are an important part of our local and SAG-AFTRA! Send us items that are of interest to your group, your questions or what you want to see in the newsletter to make it more relevant to you.*

3. If you are interested in doing voiceovers or recording audiobooks, Local Board member Olga Wilhelmine documents her journey into this segment of our work later in this newsletter. This is another opportunity to get paid for work that many of us overlook, so be sure to read Olga’s story.

4. Share your connections with us! We all have a vendor, a theater, a hairdresser, a photographer, a studio, a trainer, a teacher, a videographer, or someone or some organization that we have used to help us prepare to ply our trade. If the business is willing to offer members a discount of 20 percent or more, we may be able to promote the business’ products or services to the local membership. It’s win-win situation, so let’s see if we can make some connections for the benefit of our members.

In solidarity,

Diana Boylston
New Orleans Local President

[This applies to everyone in the Local. Let us know what we can include in the newsletter that you want to see! — Ed.]