Digital Ads Go Union FAQ

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Digital Ads Go Union FAQ

What is this campaign about?
Protecting actors. As you know, our collective bargaining agreements provide key assurances like: fair pay, decent working hours, overtime, safety, and benefits. The Ads Go Union campaign seeks to organize SAG-AFTRA members working for digital advertising agencies. We look forward to working with these employers and build a fair playing field for all performers.

What is SAG-AFTRA’s goal?
Organize the actors performing for—and work with—digital ad agencies like Droga5. We must make sure the digital ad agencies understand the importance of paying fair wages.

How can I support this campaign?
Take action. SAG-AFTRA asks all its members and allies to sign the Ads Go Union petition and use the #AdsGoUnion hashtag on social media to show broad support for fair wages and benefits. Supporting this campaign means you stand with all professional performers earning a fair wage.

Why digital advertising agency Droga5?
Droga5, founded by David Droga, is a leader in digital advertising. While Droga5 uses professional talent in its award-winning ads, it continues to produce some of its ads non-union. SAG-AFTRA calls on Droga5 and similar agencies to ensure fair wages and benefits for all.