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What is A Call to Arts?

In response to President Obama’s national call to service and mentoring, SAG-AFTRA and the American Film Institute (AFI) are collaborating to mentor aspiring storytellers and creative and performing artists interested in pursuing careers in the cinematic arts. 

SAG-AFTRA and AFI are longtime partners in education through conservatory classes and student mentoring programs for interested students in specific and limited markets. For this initiative, we are working with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency that leads the President’s United We Serve initiative, to achieve a goal of one million mentor hours over the next three years.

We all have unique talents that can open doors of opportunity through mentoring. The A Call to Arts collaboration enlists the arts community to join in and help nurture creativity in the next generation, whether it’s other SAG-AFTRA members, pre-members or students ranging from elementary through college. This rising generation of storytellers aspires to do amazing things, but the words and guidance of an experienced industry expert may add the spark that turns their dreams into reality by providing grounded, real-world advice in fields that are often difficult or intimidating to navigate. By recording your organization’s program hours or becoming a mentor yourself, you can make a difference in the lives of a future industry colleague. By sharing your knowledge of the creative arts and your passion for artistic expression, you can help an inspired mentee develop this craft into a career. Every one of us has unique insight that can influence future generations. 

SAG-AFTRA’s President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement is incorporating A Call to Arts into its national education and outreach campaign, reaching its 160,000 members and tens of thousands of pre-members and students across the country. And, with industry colleagues and partner organizations including universities, colleges, non-governmental organizations, associations, unions and individuals like you, we will reach out to and encourage aspiring creative, performing arts and media industry workers over the next three years and beyond.