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SAG-AFTRA members are now eligible for great group rates on Aflac individual policies!

Because of a special deal with Aflac, SAG and/or AFTRA franchised talent agents are now eligible for discounts on Aflac’s Group Accident Insurance.

Aflac is insurance that pays cash benefits directly* if you’re injured—cash to spend any way you want. It can help cover things major medical insurance doesn’t pay for: like your mortgage, car payments, groceries, or anything you need.

Highlights of Aflac’s Group Accident Insurance May Include:

  • Guaranteed Issue — No underwriting
  • Pays cash benefits when  a covered accident occurs, regardless of any other insurance programs
  • Individual, One Parent, Employee and Spouse, and Family coverage available
  • Benefits paid to you (unless otherwise assigned)
  • Helps with deductibles and co-pays that you may be required to pay on other insurance plans
  • Pays $500 for hospital admission once per calendar year, per covered accident
  • Pays $100 a day for hospital confinement up to 365 days
  • Pays $200 a day for Intensive Care up to 30 days
  • Plan is portable (certain stipulations apply)
  • $30 wellness benefit per covered insured after plan is in force for 12 months
  • Plan pays for Medical Fees, which includes physician charges, x-rays, and emergency room services

SAG or AFTRA franchised agents click here for additional information.

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*Benefits are paid directly to you unless otherwise assigned. Please see your certificate for exact terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Coverage is underwritten by Continental American Life Insurance Company.
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