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About Us

As the largest local in the union with over 70,000 members, the Los Angeles Local is governed by a local president and a 46-member local board. There are several committees that serve at the pleasure of the board to work with staff to oversee governance, contract matters, organizing work opportunities and craft-based resources to all members in every performance category . Examples of these activities include acting workshops, financial seminars, health programs and professional support. Members are encouraged to get involved, take advantage of these programs and attend local board meetings to observe elected leaders at work.
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Los Angeles Conservatory

The Los Angeles Conservatory offers an opportunity for SAG-AFTRA members to hone and develop their craft through classes, workshops, lectures and symposia in a supportive and nurturing environment. Workshops are offered from October through May and include on-camera commercial and theatrical techniques, commercial and theatrical cold-reading techniques, voiceover training, improvisation and “meet the casting director” seminars.

The Los Angeles Conservatory is held on the campus of the American Film Institute (AFI). SAG-AFTRA’s agreement with AFI requires that the institute’s first-year student films cast exclusively from the rosters of the SAG-AFTRA conservatory membership. This provides opportunities for SAG-AFTRA members to gain vital on-camera experience, as well as opportunities to work with young directors, producers and writers as they develop their craft.

Participation in the conservatory is limited to SAG-AFTRA members in good standing. A small administrative fee is required for membership.

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SAG-AFTRA Film Society

As a SAG-AFTRA member, you can join the SAG-AFTRA Film Society and see the hottest films of the year.

The SAG-AFTRA Film Society is a nonprofit organization that allows actors to observe other actors’ performances in order to improve their own skills, and raise awareness of current productions.  Film Society Members can participate in Q & A sessions with top producers, actors and filmmakers. When you sign up for the Film Society you get access to more than 50 new and pre-release films and discounts to local Hollywood restaurants for only $109.

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Los Angeles Host Committee

The Los Angeles Host Committee provides SAG-AFTRA members with opportunities to unify, network and increase camaraderie. In addition, the committee promotes solidarity, unity and aims to connect members. Through festive events and programs, the Los Angeles Host Committee enriches the entire SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Local membership and in addition engages with the larger entertainment community as well.

Los Angeles Healthcare and Safetynet Committee

The Los Angeles Healthcare and Safetynet Committee produces health and safety related events that cater to the needs of the Los Angeles local membership. The committee collaborates with a multitude of outside vendors and providers to offer access the best healthcare services and informational resources available at no cost.

Member Benefits

Take advantage of special deals and discounts around town. The Los Angeles Local has established several partnerships with outside businesses and organizations to serve the local membership. Some of these include discounted rates on restaurants, hair salons, spas, theater productions, conferences and more.

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