Managers Section

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  • Personal Manage Code of Ethics and ConductBasic Education, Basic Protection: The goal of the SAG-AFTRA Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct is to provide some reasonable “rules of the road” for members who are looking for representation by personal managers. If they choose, members should have the opportunity to hire managers that have signed on to the Code of Ethics and Conduct. Equally important, however, is the fact that members who want to engage in relationships with managers that are wholly outside of the union’s oversight are free to do that, as well.
  • All Voices Were Invited To The Table: SAG-AFTRA’s goal was to work with the management community to ensure that all voices were involved in the process. In late 2013, we put out a draft document for all interested stakeholders to review, held a meeting with managers and invited feedback. 
  • This Is Voluntary: SAG-AFTRA is not attempting to “certify” or “franchise” personal managers. The only intention here is to create a blueprint document that tracks union regulations and state law to help our members navigate these key relationships.
  • Dissemination of Information Is the Primary Goal: SAG-AFTRA’s primary goal is to provide inquiring members nationwide a series of documents to which they can refer when seeking out the services of a personal manager in any state. Members will be free to consult that document to inform their decision-making on whether or not the contracts their personal managers are offering is acceptable to them.