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MOVE LA Past Events

Sweet Spot: Audition Strategy and Job Clarity

Presented: February 16, 2017

Can you improve your mind-set in the audition room and on the set?  A panel of actors and casting directors share their strategies.

Unspoken Rules of the Industry, P2

Presented: March 9, 2017

The Unspoken Rules of the Industry: Part 2 panel will be a fresh ensemble of industry professionals exploring ideas and etiquette of working in many different aspects of the Entertainment Business. Knowing these ‘unspoken rules’ give performers an edge in getting the job, being asked back or written back in.

The industry is a collaborative art form so performers who know what each team member’s role is within a production, helps to acquire a comfort level that makes them want to keep you around. Hear it straight from actors, producers, directors, costume supervisors & show runners.

Audiobooks Unraveling the Mystery

Presented: November 3, 2016

Join SAG-AFTRA members and staff who led the way in unionizing a mostly nonunion industry, and get tips on what it takes to join this burgeoning area of the Voiceover industry.

The Working Actor: How Much Can I Really Make?

Presented: October 5, 2016

So you booked a job, congratulations! And now you’re probably wondering, how much money am I going to make with this national commercial or guest star? Before you quit your survival job, learn the real facts about rates, residuals, commissions, taxes and everything else that affects how much money you actually "take home" after booking a job.

Producing Your Indie Project

Presented: August 4, 2016

As actors, many of us at some point start thinking about producing our own projects. Whether our goal is to find ways to have our work seen, to show a side of our talent of which the industry may not be currently aware, or just to stay creative for the sake of staying creative, producing our own content can be rewarding, albeit challenging, endeavor. The purpose of this workshop is to lay out the steps that will help us create our own content, and have it seen by the right people.

Tweeting Your Voiceover Career, April 20

Presented: April 20, 2016

Members Organizing Volunteer Efforts (MOVE) L.A. hosted a panel discussion with Q&A. Social media experts shared Twitter tips, Facebook facts and tangible social media strategies. Moderated by voiceover artist Bob Bergen, the tips were geared towards promoting and advancing the voiceover actor.

Topics included:

  • the importance of social media marketing as it pertains to voiceover actors;
  • common social media mistakes that can damage a career;
  • the future and predicted growth of social media; and
  • non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and smart social media PR vs. bragging.  

Volunteer with MOVE L.A. for the Senior Buddy Program

Presented: April 14, 2016

In partnership with Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF), the Members Organizing Volunteer Efforts (MOVE) L.A. Committee presented the Senior Buddy Program, which services seniors in the entertainment community. This special meeting covered how members can improve the lives of others in need. Senior buddy volunteers serve as phone buddies, home visit buddies, grocery shopping buddies, computer tutors, pool buddies, home repair buddies and much more. MOVE members who have experienced the rewards of being a senior buddy shared their happy stories and MPTF staff members explained how members can be a part of this special community.

MOVE L.A. Informational Meeting

Presented: April 5, 2016

Members Organizing Volunteers Efforts (MOVE) L.A. revealed their roster of 2016-2017 MOVE-sponsored programs and community projects open to interested SAG-AFTRA members. Members had the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow members over refreshments, as they learned how they can make a difference as a MOVE volunteer within their union and community.

Late Bloomers: Restarting or Refreshing Your Career

Presented: March 31, 2016

For those who have had to put their careers on hold or have found that they’re no longer in the flow joined MOVE L.A. as they hosted a panel focused on ways to reinvent your career. Panelists shared their personal journeys in the entertainment industry and provided members with tips on keeping their careers refreshed. SAG-AFTRA members also learned how the entertainment industry has changed and ways they can stay up to speed.

The Art of Portraying Danger: Action Safety for Actors and Stunt Performers

Presented: February 25, 2016

The Members Organizing Volunteer Efforts (MOVE) Los Angeles Committee presented this special panel of stunt performers, stunt coordinators, executive producers, an on-set medic and hairstylist, as they examined the art of action and on-set safety. The discussion focused on the symbiotic relationship between actor and stunt performer, as members had the opportunity to hear personal stories of on-set safety. Members learned how to collaborate with directors and stunt coordinators to look amazing, but most importantly, to be safe.