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The following committees are at the heart of SAG-AFTRA's diversity initiatives. Committees provide strength in numbers, moral support and a forum for your voice to be heard.

Get involved with your diversity committees:

The Asian Pacific American Media (APAM) Committee effects positive and lasting change in the entertainment and news media so that the American scene is truly reflected. Through education and advocacy, the committee works with these industries, SAG-AFTRA members, community organizations and the public to enhance the perception of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIAS) as a viable and talented demographic. The committee’s ultimate goal is the increased quantity and improved quality of employment opportunities and depictions of APIAS.

The Diversity Advisory Committee is committed to facilitating collaboration and communication between the seven national diversity committees* so that, together, member leaders have a forum in which to support each other’s work towards achieving both the individual and common goals of each committee. 
*National Diversity Committees: Asian Pacific American Media; Ethnic Employment Opportunities; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender; Native Americans; Performers with Disabilities; Seniors; and Women’s.

The Ethnic Employment Opportunities (EEO) Committee works to increase opportunities for members of any and all racial/ethnic groups so that the American Scene is accurately reflected in all areas of our workforce. The EEO Committee explores ways to promote diversity by educating members and industry stakeholders on the value of inclusion and the contractual policies of non-discrimination and fair employment. 

The purpose of the committee is to provide support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members and to educate the membership, the industry and the public on LGBT issues with a focus on ending discrimination in the workplace and expanding work opportunities.

The Native Americans Committee is established to promote and safeguard the interests and rights of Native American members who work under SAG-AFTRA areas of jurisdiction. The committee promotes a heightened awareness of and commitment to fair employment practices on the part of industry decision makers leading to an expanded use of Native Americans, thereby reflecting our true role in the American Scene. Overall, we aim to help our employers understand how much we have to offer them in the creation of new content.

This committee’s mission is to achieve full access for and inclusion of performers and broadcasters with disabilities by working to increase employment opportunities and improve working conditions in all areas of entertainment and news media.

The primary aim of this committee is to increase employment opportunities and improve work conditions for SAG-AFTRA seniors by promoting more open attitudes with respect to casting and the way in which seniors are portrayed in entertainment and news media. This committee also addresses issues facing retired members or those who may be approaching retirement by focusing on the areas of health care, residuals, pensions, social security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance.

The Women's Committee works to influence and improve the quality and quantity of employment opportunities for female members across all media platforms. Through collaboration, education and advocacy, it encourages positive and diverse images of women and the elimination of stereotypes, ageism and gender bias to better reflect the American Scene in the entertainment and news industries.

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