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SAG-AFTRA Conservatory Calendar – Fall 2017

September 25 - Self-taped Audition Basics – from Taping to Transfer Presented by Kathryn Klvana

September 30 - Ask Me Anything About Audiobooks Presented by Anne Flosnik

October 9 - Building Your Confidence and Voice for Endurance Presented by Chrissellene G. Petropoulos

October 15 - MARKETING PANEL DISCUSSION Presented by Andi Arndt, David DeBoy, Moly DuBelle and Charles Lipper

October 21 - On Camera Make Up for Men and Women Presented by Barbara York

October 21 - Kirk’s Corner Presented by Elisabeth Noone and Craig Sechler

October 23 - Making Small Moments Dazzle Presented by Elisabeth Noone

October 28 - The Queen's English: Received Pronunciation Dialect Workshop Presented by Zach Campion

November 2 - Goal Setting and Mindfulness Meditation Presented by Brenna McDonough

November 15 - Finding Your Copy Presented by Craig Sechler

November 16 - Making the Most of Actor’s Access Presented by Thom Goff

November 18 - The Art of the Self-Taped Audition Presented by Jana Allen

November 19 - The Beginner’s Guide to Setting up a Home Studio on a Budget Presented by Craig Klein

December 2 - Intro to Standardized Patient Work Presented by Towanda Underdue

December 4 - Improv for Auditions Presented by Katie Kilacky

December 11 - Cold Readings: A Meisner Approach Presented by Robert Epstein

December 16 - Kirk’s Corner Presented by Elisabeth Noone and Craig Sechler

For full descriptions of all conservatory events, click here.