Get Involved

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The legislative process requires the involvement of citizens to let legislators know the importance of the legislation they are considering. It is critical that all individuals who are impacted in a positive way by the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program reach out to their Senators and Representatives and give them their personal account of how important this legislation is to their livelihood.

Step 1 – Find Your Legislator
To find your Senator and Representatives use the Find Your Legislator tool on the Access Washington Website.

Step 2 – Get to Know Your Legislator
It is advisable to get to know your legislator. Each legislator has a different voting record and different goals and objectives they would like to achieve during their service. Understanding your legislator may help you communicate a message in a way that they will be more receptive to in the event they do not support the film incentive legislation at first or to reinforce their support of the legislation.

You can find a wealth of information about your legislators on their webpage located on the State of Washington Legislature website. You can link to their pages through the Find Your Legislator tool.

Step 3 – Reach Out to Your Legislators
Take the time to gather your thoughts on how this legislation has a positive impact on you and your family. Think of personal examples and have them ready for when you communicate with your legislator.

You will find their contact information on their webpage on the State of Washington Legislature website.

You may wish to write them a letter, call them, email them or set up a personal meeting. Any option you choose is fine and you may want to, overtime, incorporate a couple different methods.

Step 4 – Attend Hearings
Visit the bill webpage(s) HB1554, SB5539 on a regular basis for information about public hearings. There will be committee hearings and hearings by the House of Representatives and the Senate. When large groups of supporters attend public hearings it shows the legislators that the bill is widely supported by their constituents and should be given serious consideration and passed into law.

Step 5 – Write the Governor
Once the bill is passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate it will go to the Governor to be signed into law.  It is important that the Governor know that these bills have strong support. Letters and email are the best way to let the Governor and her staff know that you support the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program and that it should be signed into law. You can find contact for the Governor on Governor Gregoire’s webpage.