Member Interviews

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Legacy Tapes

Since 1989, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation has been busily preserving words and images of SAG members and staff through its Legacy Documentation interviews. Through the miracle of video, one can hear and see former SAG presidents Howard Keel, Charlton Heston, Dennis Weaver, Ed Asner, William Schallert, Patty Duke; founding SAG members Lyle Talbot, Leon Ames, Francis Lederer and Ralph Bellamy; Board members Marsha Hunt and John Randolph on the blacklist years; executives and staff members Ken Orsatti, Jack Dales, Chet Migden, Midge Farrell, and dozens of other SAG members, Board members and staff, both living and now-deceased, sharing their wisdom, anecdotes, opinions and reminiscences. Dozens of interviews have been taped to date. The Foundation has also been videotaping its popular "Conversations" series at For more information on the Legacy Tapes, please contact: Rochelle Rose, Director of Actors Programs, at 323-549-6744.