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Casting Data Report Questionnaire

Instructions for Electronic Submission of Casting Data Report Forms for Use on and Whenever Emailing the Forms to Producers

NOW AVAILABLE: Electronic versions of the Casting Data Report forms!

You can now fill out Casting Data Report forms in Microsoft Excel format—download the forms below and you’ll never have to fill one out by hand again!

Just 3 quick steps into the 21st century!

  1. Download files below—One (1) for the Principal Performers and One (1) for Stunt Performers—by CLICKING and SAVING to your computer.
  2. Once you have saved the template, you can now create and save one for each production you are working on.
    (For example, you can save a file with the name “GodfatherPart5-PrincipalCDR-March2010”)
  3. Once you have completed the form, simply email it to us at
    And you’re done!

Please feel free to call us with any questions or feedback about these forms by contacting: (323) 549-6644 or

Quick Tip: If you are submitting a Casting Data Report form for ANYTHING OTHER THAN EPISODIC TELEVISION you only need to submit 1 form for principals and 1 form for stunts when principal photography is completed. No need to submit multiple forms for the 1 production.

Modified Low and Low Budget Affirmative Action Casting Data Report

Casting Data Report for Stunt Performers and Coordinators Only

Casting Data Report Form Instructions for Stunt Performers and Coordinators Only

Casting Data Report Form

Casting Data Report Form Instructions

Diversity-in-Casting Incentive
Casting Data Report
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