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Notice: Online Station 12

Thank you for your interest in SAG-AFTRA’s iActor online database.

To clear talent in Los Angeles call 323.549.6794 for principal performers or fax to 323.549.6792. For background performers fax to 323.549.6793. To clear talent in New York please fax principal and background performers to 212.768.9154. Or you may call your local office for assistance.

Please check back on this site for future updates.


Available to all casting directors working on signatory productions—SAG-AFTRA's iActor free online casting directory—will quickly become a valuable tool to the way you do business.

iActor is the only online casting directory featuring exclusively SAG-AFTRA members and assists with Station 12 cast clearance.

To get started, please email iActor@sagaftra.org.

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