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Los Angeles Convention Center - November 1, 2007

Thank you for inviting me here tonight. It's an honor to be with you at this critical time for both our unions. Since I was elected two years ago, Patric, David and I have been working together to coordinate our strategy. Over the last 7 months with our NED Doug Allen, we have been visiting sets and hearing directly from writers and actors. We've hosted small house parties and large meetings like this....and we've heard the same thing over and over again. Writers and actors want to be paid fairly for all new media formats. We are not going to do this for free and we are not going to wait three years. To assume that we will sit on the sidelines while the networks reap over 80% profits in some new media formats is unacceptable.

Screen Actors Guild is ready, willing and able to send members to your picket lines and rallies. We have been at every WGA bargaining session, and we will be at all future sessions to show our solidarity. For as long as it takes-we will be there for you as you take this stand for all of us.

(Rosenberg then read the October 27, 2007 SAG National Board Resolution in support of the WGA)