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Results of National Board Elections

Guild Also Announces Results of National Board Elections

Los Angeles (September 20, 2007)—Screen Actors Guild today announced results of elections for its top two elected positions. Alan Rosenberg will serve a second term as Screen Actors Guild President and Connie Stevens, who ran unopposed, will continue as secretary-treasurer. Both will serve two year terms beginning September 25.

Ballots were mailed to 102,001 paid-up SAG members on August 21, and 24,834 were tabulated today, for a return of 24.35 percent. Rosenberg received 11,631 votes, with Seymour Cassel coming in second with 10,921 votes, Barry Simmonds got 1,353 votes, and Charley M. De La Peña received 681 votes.

“I am honored by this vote of confidence from SAG members across the country in electing me for a second term as their president,” Rosenberg said. “Screen Actors Guild's elected leaders and professional staff will continue dedicating resources and working round-the-clock towards our number one priority: successful negotiations in 2008.”

“I am thrilled to have the support of my fellow members and to be serving a second term as Screen Actors Guild’s secretary-treasurer,” Stevens said. “I look forward to continuing to work closely with Alan, and to making the Guild even more fiscally strong, buying our own building, and preparing for next year’s critical contract negotiations.”

Screen Actors Guild also announced election results for the Guild’s national board of directors. Twenty-four of the 69 national board seats were open for election this year, representing Screen Actors Guild’s Hollywood, New York and Regional Branch Divisions. The vote tallies for each candidate are available below.

The newly elected national board members will assume office on September 25 for terms of varying lengths.

SAG’s Hollywood Division elected 11 new national board members; the New York Division elected five members; and seven national board members were elected from the union’s branches in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, San Francisco, Seattle and Utah. Chicago branch election results will be tabulated on September 24.

Board members elected from the Hollywood Division:

Seymour Cassel, Valerie Harper, Frances Fisher, Esai Morales, Kent McCord, Nancy Sinatra, Bonnie Bartlett, Jenny Worman, Sumi Haru, Angela Watson and William Mapother (all three-year terms).

Karen Austin, Peggy Miley, Scott Wilson, France Nuyen, Brett Cullen, Ron Harper, Jane Austin, F.J. O’Neil, Yale Summers, Anthony DeSantis, Peaches Johnson, Paul Napier, Eugene Boggs, Michael Bell, Steven Barr, David Jolliffe, Russell McConnell, Warren Berlinger, Terrence Beasor, Jeff Austin, Justin Shenkarow and Joe d’Angerio were elected to serve as national board alternates and to the Hollywood division board of directors (all one-year terms).

Board members elected from the New York Division:

Maureen Donnelly, Nancy Giles, Richard Masur, Sue-Anne Morrow and Mike Hodge (all three-year terms). Additionally, New York members elected Sam Freed as NY President.

Mark Blum, Manny Alfaro, Ralph Byers, Joe Narciso, Dave Bachman, Ron McClary, Doug Lory, Marc Baron and Kevin Scullin were elected to serve as national board alternates and to the New York Division board of directors (all one-year terms.)

Board members elected from the Regional Branch Division:

Steve Fried (Arizona – three-year term), Nancy Duerr (Florida – three-year term), Debra Nelson (Georgia – three-year term), Roy Costley (New Mexico – three-year term), Tom Chantler (San Francisco – three-year term), Abby Dylan (Seattle – three-year term), Molly Ballard (Utah – three-year term). Chicago branch election results will be tabulated on September 24.

Ballots for all eligible SAG members in Hollywood and New York were mailed on August 21 with a September 20 return deadline. Ballots were tabulated today at SAG Headquarters by the independent election company, Integrity Voting Systems. A total of 11,353 ballots were tabulated in the Hollywood division (representing 19.87 percent of ballots mailed in the Hollywood division) and 5,060 ballots were tabulated in the New York Division (representing 21.76 percent of ballots mailed in the New York division). The number of ballots returned in the Regional Branch elections varied by region.