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Register with iActor, Screen Actors Guild's Free Online Casting Directory

January 31, 2007 -- Starting later this month, you will be able to create your online resume, upload headshots, and upload media in the iActor area of the SAG 24/7 Web site. Here's what you need to know to get started:

  • Only active paid-up members will have access to the iActor system. Please make sure you are current.
  • You must be registered with the SAG 24/7 Web site. To register, you will need an e-mail address, your SAG ID, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Your representation and contact information comes directly from our Agency records. Please make sure your contacts are current with our Agency department. You can check your agent records on the SAG 24/7 Web site by logging in and clicking on "My Profile."
  • If you are not currently with an agent, your referral number can be listed on your resume. For privacy and safety reasons, please do not list your home telephone number. Please make sure your referral number is accurate. You can change it online on the SAG 24/7 Web site by logging in and clicking on "My Profile."
  • You will need digital versions of your headshots. We recommend 8x10 color 300 dpi resolution files. They must be JPEGs and no larger than 2Mb in file size.
  • If you are a voice-over performer, you will need digital versions of your sound clips. We recommend up to 2-minutes 128-160 kbps. They must be MP3s, no larger than 4Mb in file size.
  • You will also need your work history (credits), links, skills and training information for the resume. It may help to have your existing resume handy to cut and paste.

Paid-up members can register now. Login to the SAG 24/7 Web site and click on the "My Resume" button on the Career Toolbar.