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Los Angeles (March 27, 2006) --- A statement from Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg:

"During the last week, Screen Actors Guild held caucuses in five cities—San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York and Hollywood—to discuss our ongoing negotiations to secure a new contract covering live action programs made directly for Basic Cable. Member turnout was tremendous. An inspiring range of actors—from high-profile performers who star on their own shows to rank-and-file members who struggle to qualify for health insurance—stood side by side in solidarity.

"In addition to giving the producers’ latest offer careful consideration, strike authorization votes were taken at each of these meetings. Because of a news blackout, the Guild will not release specific vote tallies at this time.

"As Guild president, there is nothing more important than hearing directly from members. I am inspired by the incredible support the elected leadership of the Guild continues to receive from across the country. The Guild’s negotiating team, both members and staff alike, will meet with producers with a renewed sense of pride and purpose. We will continue to fight for a fair contract. And, as is always the case, we hope to avoid any work interruption in pursuit of that equitable deal.

"For the latest developments regarding this contract, check the Guild Web site. We will keep members up to date as often as possible."

In Solidarity,

Alan Rosenberg
Screen Actors Guild President