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Denver (March 1, 2006) --- In the long and arduous fight between pro-union supporters and Right-to-Work advocates, Colorado has long been considered a key battleground state. Well, great news for Guild members and unionists everywhere: The Labor movement scored a major victory on February 13 as Colorado's proposed Right-to-Work legislation (Senate Bill 139) was narrowly defeated 4 to 3 in committee.

Leadership from the AFL-CIO, Screen Actors Guild and other unions looked on as the legislation was introduced to the State Veteran's and Military Affairs Committee. After heated testimony on both sides of the aisle, the senate committee's Democratic majority ultimately killed the bill. Heading-up the task force was SAG Colorado Branch President John Singer, who often works closely with Colorado legislators at the Capitol and most of the state's unions. Branch Council Member Sheila Ivy Traister and SAG Colorado Executive Director Julie Crane joined him, along with Colorado AFL-CIO President Steve Adams, a strong supporter of SAG Colorado.

"This is a key victory for Screen Actors Guild in its ongoing fight against the so-called Right-to-Work movement, which really only weakens the collective power of union members," Guild President Alan Rosenberg said. "I commend John Singer, Sheila Ivy Traister and Steve Adams for their diligent work on behalf of card-carrying union actors in Colorado. We will continue to fight the Right-to-Work cancer throughout the United States."

Considering Colo. Gov. Bill Owens is a long-time advocate of the Right-to-Work movement and pledged that he would sign any RTW bill that reached his desk, Colorado actors should be grateful this bill never made it out of committee.