SAG National Board Approves New Three-Year TV Animation Deal

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SAG National Board Approves New Three-Year TV Animation Deal

LOS ANGELES (July 30, 2005) --- The national board of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) today ratified a new three-year TV animation contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) that runs retroactively from July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2008.

The new agreement includes an annual three percent increase in minimum pay—more than a nine percent increase over the life of the contract, compounded—effective July 1, 2005 and a one percent boost in contributions to the union’s benefits plans beginning January 1, 2006. Producers have also agreed to recommend that the trustees of the union’s pension and health plans create a method to track earnings under this contract. To date, the TV animation contract is one of the only union agreements for which member earnings are not separately reported. This data is crucial to the Guild for future organizing and negotiations. In addition, SAG granted producers the right to theatrically exhibit TV animation shorts for one week to qualify for Academy Award consideration.

“The national board recognizes that this TV animation agreement contains substantial gains for our members,” said SAG National Executive Director and CEO Greg Hessinger. “Now that we’ve ratified this important contract, SAG turns its attention to negotiating new basic cable agreements. Live action and animation programming on basic cable have generated enormous revenues in recent years and the current residual structures must be addressed.”

Negotiations between SAG and AMPTP on the TV animation agreement began in May. The member-led negotiating committee was represented by Anne Talltree, the Guild’s chief negotiator for this agreement.