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Rule 9 Notice: Freemantle Latin America / Telemundo "La Fuerza Del Silencio"

We have received a request from AFTRA that Screen Actors Guild members not accept employment on a Spanish-language telenovela to be co-produced by Freemantle Latin America and Telemundo. This telenovela is tentatively entitled “La Fuerza del Silencio” or “La Ley Del Silencio.”

After initial discussions with AFTRA, Freemantle/Telemundo announced that it intended to produce the show non-union by employing a combination of non-union U.S. performers and performers brought in from outside the U.S. Teleset has also been linked to this production. At this time, it is not know where this telenovela will be produced or under which title.

Guild members have obligations with respect to our sister unions as specified in Rule 9 of the Screen Actors Guild Constitution and By-Laws. Rule 9 states the following:

It shall be conduct unbecoming a member of the Guild to accept employment in the jurisdiction of any other Branch of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America for an employer whose employees are represented by the other branch, unless the member seeking such employment first inquires of the other branch to ascertain whether the employer is a signatory to a collective bargaining agreement with the other branch. It shall be conduct unbecoming a member if the member accepts employment with an employer in the jurisdiction of another branch after having been advised by the other branch that:

(A.) The employer has refused to bargain in good faith a collective bargaining agreement with the other branch and the other branch has declared the employer unfair or has otherwise directed its members not to work with the employer; or

(B.) If the employees of the employer are engaged in a primary strike ratified or approved by the other branch.

If you have any questions about this matter or Rule 9, please contact Carlina Rodriguez, Director - Spanish Language Organizing at 800/SAG-0767 or via e-mail