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George Pataki, Guy Velella and Helene Weinstein Help Pass Child Performer Law

After a concentrated lobbying campaign led by Screen Actors Guild, NY Gov. George Pataki signed the Child Performers Education and Trust Act of 2003. This law will provide safeguards for a child’s wages and ensure education standards for thousands of children working in New York’s entertainment industry.

In celebration of this victory, SAG President Melissa Gilbert and AEA President Patrick Quinn hosted an event honoring NY state Sen./actor Guy Velella and Assembly Member Helene Weinstein. Both legislators were presented with an honorary presidential proclamation acknowledging their incredible support and effort on behalf of child performers working in New York.

Cynthia Vance, SAG’s National Legislative Chair, proclaimed, “Now our New York kids will finally enjoy the same protections as their West Coast counterparts when it comes to safeguarding their education and income. Many thanks to Assembly Member Helene Weinstein and Senator Guy Velella for the unwavering support and to Governor Pataki for moving so quickly.”