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The Official E-Newsletter of the Houston-Austin Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Houston-Austin Local
July 2014


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It’s challenging to sift through all the e-blasts, websites, social media and texts in search of relevant news that can advance your career.

Many actors hone their media lists to minimize the “noise” in their very busy lives and careers. One resource you’ll want to include on your must-read list is e-blasts from SAG-AFTRA Communications with the subject "Houston-Austin Local Members: Casting Notice." These are notices from producers and casting directors that may not have been forwarded by your agency. Often, these potential employers are unaware of the depth of SAG-AFTRA membership in Texas and are thrilled to find new talent for their rosters.

Keep your eyes open for e-blasts from SAG-AFTRA Communications with “Casting Notice” in the subject.

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President's Message

Pam Weaver

Pamela Weaver, President
SAG-AFTRA Houston-Austin Local

The Houston-Austin Local took over the Marchesa Theater in Austin on May 18 with back-to-back activities for members and the community. Our Houston-Austin Local Board met to conduct business for the local before the members arrived for their semi-annual membership meeting. It was good to see so many members from Austin, San Antonio and Houston gather together to discuss the business in south Texas. We were thrilled to recognize members Paul Menzel (longest card-holder, who joined in 1969) and Maxine Greco (newest card-holder, who joined May 2014), who were present at the meeting. Members got a chance to meet and hear from their local leadership, plus updates on Houston-Austin activities and current film and TV production in Texas.

Following the membership meeting, our Austin Actors Conservatory hosted a workshop called Working in a RTW State: Everything You Always Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask. Our stellar panelists included producer Remy Carter, actor Craig Nigh, director Phil Hardage, actor/coach Stephen Bridgewater and actor/director/producer Benjamin Dane, and the panel was moderated by veteran actor/host Tommy Kendrick.

Here’s what one of our attendees had to say about that event: “As an actress, and knowing only one side of the industry, hearing this panel of producers, directors and actors weigh in on the heated issues of working in a ‘right-to–work’ state was very entertaining and enlightening. A bigger picture began to take shape through their dialogue. It is clear: With greater understanding comes greater possibilities to create positive change. For example, during the Q&A, two attendees became aware they were making pivotal carrier choices with inaccurate information. One attendee learned she was able to accept work she had previously turned down, and another attendee, who had been putting off joining the union because of high initiation fees, learned that Texas has a lower rate. Opportunities for discussion such as this will only continue to strengthen our professional community.”

Your local is busy creating all kinds of opportunities for professional growth and increased business. Our new program, Coffee Talk, takes local leadership to the members in outlying areas for discussion and camaraderie. The next one is scheduled for June 22 at 2 p.m. This effort joins our already popular conservatory workshops in both Houston and Austin, Script-2-Screen reads and area mixers. Find out more at the local's events page.

More than ever before, actors have more control over the success of their own careers. Connecting with the industry and staying informed is crucial to that success. Information is power and connection is opportunity. Keep your eyes open for SAG-AFTRA eblasts and watch your opportunities grow!