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The Official E-Newsletter of the Hawaii Branch
The Official E-Newsletter of the Hawaii Branch
October 2011


Rebecca Maltby was elected council member at large and will serve a three-year term. Maltby was also elected as alternate national director and may be called upon to serve at National Board meetings when the National Board member from the Hawaii Branch is unavailable to attend.


Screen Actors Guild applauds a decision by the World Intellectual Property Organization to convene a diplomatic conference in June 2012 to conclude an international treaty on the protection of audiovisual performances. The organization announced the decision September 29, after approving a recommendation by WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights to begin the final phase of work.

Screen Actors Guild has been active throughout the process. Representing the International Federation of Actors (FIA), SAG’s Deputy National Executive Director and General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland spoke to the WIPO General Assembly of member states, expressing the organization’s support.

“With a new WIPO treaty to protect their works, audiovisual performers will finally be granted rights-holder status and achieve the level of recognition they so deserve,” Crabtree-Ireland said.

Click here for video of Crabtree-Ireland's presentation on behalf of FIA.

Progress on the treaty was suspended in 2000, after a deadlock on particular language on the transfer of rights by some member nations. In June, the committee crafted an acceptable alternative, with the help of delegations from member nations and officials from FIA, led by General Secretary Dominick Luquer and Screen Actors Guild Senior Adviser John McGuire. The delegation also included participants from AFTRA, as well as actors unions from Canada, Australia, Denmark, Spain and the United Kingdom.

"Screen Actors Guild is extremely pleased with the consensus action of the WIPO Assemblies to reconvene the long-stalled diplomatic conference and work toward final agreement on the terms of a treaty to protect the rights of audiovisual performers around the globe,” said Crabtree-Ireland. “In today's digital world these rights are more important than ever, and the time has come for them to be firmly established in international law."

SAG has been a strong backer of the treaty. Earlier this year, many of SAG’s officers taped video statements that were sent to WIPO officials in Geneva, encouraging them to protect artists’ work.

“This is a good day for actors, performers and the international copyright community,” WIPO Director General Francis Gurry said in a statement. “While some countries have domestic legislation that grants certain rights to performers in audiovisual works, there is a legal vacuum at the international level. Performers have not had control over how and when their performances are used abroad, nor any legal right to payment. Today’s decision brings us a big step closer to resolving this question.”

The venue for the conference has not been announced, but will be either Geneva or a venue offered by a host country to be determined.


Screen Actors Guild is seeking to learn more about non-union casting calls for commercials in order to better serve and represent our membership.

If you have any recent knowledge of non-union casting calls, please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey with whatever information about the casting call that you wish to provide.

All information provided is completely anonymous and will be used to help us better understand the non-union work space and create more work opportunities for our members. Click here to access the survey.


Glenn Cannon, president
Lynne Halevi, vice president
David Farmer, secretary-treasurer
Regina Bailey, council member
Katherine Cleveland, council member
Pamela Larson, council member
Rebecca “Becky” Maltby, council member
John Nordlum, council member
Scott Rogers, National Board member
Brenda Ching, executive director

If you are a new member or a rejoining member and would like to know about your membership, benefits, etc. in SAG, please email bching@sag.org or call
(808) 596-0388 to schedule a new member orientation meeting.


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Discount Consolidated Theatre movie tickets are available to SAG members. Tickets cost $6.75 each. Please email/call the office to be sure Brenda is in.

SAG Hawaii Branch T-shirts are available for $10. Available sizes: Large, XL and XXL.

President’s Report

By Glenn Cannon

Carrying on from the last newsletter, here are bios of Branch Vice President Lynne Halevi and Secretary/Treasurer David Farmer, as a way for new members to get to know the Board members who represent them.

Lynne Halevi is one of our senior members and served as vice president for several years. Actress, author, featured speaker, speaking trainer and educator with teaching credentials from Arizona, California, Hawaii and Yokohama, Japan, she worked 12 years at the University of Hawaii College of Continuing Education. She is a longtime member of SAG, having appeared in films in the 1950s, and currently works as a background actor in films and TV shows shot in Hawaii. She is also a screener for the Hawaii International Film Festival and the Jewish Film Festival, presented annually in Honolulu. She has been called upon to present workshops in communication skills for various corporations and other entities, and is currently turning a completed screenplay into a novel. She is committed to working toward the merger of SAG and AFTRA, and continues to work tirelessly on behalf of members in Hawaii.

David Farmer is an actor-director, having appeared in principal roles in most of the theaters in Hawaii since 1976. His work has included roles in Oleanna, King Lear, Gypsy, Glass Menagerie, August: Osage County, among others, and he has directed numerous plays, as well, including, most recently, Harvey at TAG. He has been a SAG member since 1987, and a member of the board for several years. His TV appearances range from the original Hawaii 5-0 to A&E’s Biography, and numerous principal roles in commercials. He is also a practicing attorney in the areas of bankruptcy, business litigations and collections as the managing member of David C. Farmer, Attorney-at-Law LLC. He currently serves as a director of the Hawaii Bankruptcy Bar Association, and has his J.D. degree from Richardson School of Law, where he taught as a visiting and adjunct professor from 1998 – 2004. These are only a few of his accomplishments in law. He also served pro bono for musicians in their efforts to keep the Honolulu Symphony as a viable arts entity in Hawaii, and similarly lends his expertise to our board deliberations. As with almost all of the Hawaii SAG Board, he is firmly committed to aid in whatever way he can to effect the SAG/AFTRA merger.

National Board Member Report

By Scott Rogers

I attended the National Board meeting in New York on July 16, and I'm happy to report that:

* The G1 (SAG and AFTRA merger group) has been working hard to formulate a merger plan. All group members and alternates from SAG and AFTRA split into six work groups (15-18 members in each group) for about 12 hours a day for several days to work on merger issues such as governance, staff, collective bargaining, finance/dues, contracts, etc. They have had more meetings since then; a video conference meeting during Hurricane Irene at the end of August and meetings in Los Angeles this month. We hope to have something for the board to vote on this winter. 
* More than 2,100 producers have used SAG's new online Production Center, which makes it much easier for producers to become signatories and hire SAG talent. 
* SAG new media productions have increased nine-fold in three years.
* After years of lobbying efforts from SAG, the California District Attorney is stopping casting companies (e.g. Central Casting) from charging a fee to be considered for employment. This is a big victory in background casting fee cessation!
* There is now a Foreign Royalties Tracker on the SAG website: Anyone can check and see if they are owed foreign royalties. So far, more than $11 million in foreign royalties have been distributed.

Conservatory Committee Report

Scott Rogers, Chair

There are currently 62 conservatory members. To date, the conservatory held six workshops this year, with one more this month, for a total of seven. Thank you to Iris Klein, Jeanne Rogers and Joel Moffett for teaching the workshops. These workshops are vital to our acting community. In November, I plan to teach a workshop. Stay tuned for details.

The Conservatory Committee (Lynne Halevi, Becky Maltby, Mary Frances Kabel Gwin and I) recently voted to do away with the conservatory annual membership fee. Therefore, effective on January 1, 2012, all workshops will cost $15. We hope this will make the classes more accessible to all SAG Hawaii members.

Young Performers Committee Report

Becky Maltby, Chair

The local Young Performers Committee (Patricia Gillespie and I) and Brenda Ching have had meetings with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to discuss child labor legislation for Hawaii. Director Dwight Takamine and Wage Standards Division representatives Pamela Martin and Mari Imamura seemed pleased to establish a relationship with Screen Actors Guild, as we are all well aware of the unique challenges that face minors in the entertainment industry: issues such as work-hour variances, on-set teachers, etc. We are looking into the feasibility of establishing a Coogan Law — a California law that requires a percentage of a child performer’s earnings to be placed into a trust account until he/she reaches the age of 18 — or equivalent legislation in Hawaii.

Photos from Member Events:

SAG members walk Hyatt picket line

Hawaii Branch SAG members join fellow union members in picketing Hyatt hotel on September 13.

SAG Members join Hyatt picket

Members walk with other unions on the Local 5 hotel workers picket line on September 13.

 Kathy Muller, Glann Cannon, Ryan Brown, Nazarene Anderson and Scott Rogers

From left, Kathy Muller of the Kathy Muller Talent & Modeling Agency; Glenn Cannon, Branch president; Ryan Brown and Nazarene Anderson of ADR Model & Talent Agency; and Scott Rogers, national board member. Franchised agents were the guest speakers at the Branch Annual Membership Meeting on September 19.

Brenda Ching, PK Phillips, Glenn Cannon and Brian Hirono

New member pinning ceremony at the Branch Annual Membership Meeting on September 19. From left, Brenda Ching, executive director; PK Phillips, new member from L.A.; Glenn Cannon, Branch president; and Brian Hirono, new member.

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Keep us up to date with your current contact information. If your email address is not listed with the Hawaii Branch, you are not getting the latest news on productions, conservatory workshops and what’s going on. If you have changed your email address, please send us your new one so we can keep you informed.