A Message from The Actors Fund: Helping Our Colleagues Hurt by Superstorm Sandy

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A Message from The Actors Fund: Helping Our Colleagues Hurt by Superstorm Sandy

Millions of our friends and neighbors in the Tri-State region are suffering because of Superstorm Sandy. The Actors Fund is working hard to respond quickly to requests for emergency financial assistance and to help ensure the safety of our community.

Please note that our website, email and New York Office phone number have been experiencing periodic outages. Currently, our systems are fully operational, and we remain open and our staff is here and at remote locations, helping during this very difficult time.

Remember, we are here to serve everyone in performing arts and entertainment. We’re here to help if your home was damaged in the storm, if you are without work or between gigs and have no steady income, or if you are without medical insurance and need medical care. Whatever challenge you’re facing, bring it to The Actors Fund.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t been affected by the storm and you would like to help, please consider a donation to support people in need as Sandy’s aftermath unfolds. Many won’t be able to make ends meet in the coming weeks, while others will need help repairing their homes or paying for medications and food.

And you can play another role in the recovery, by volunteering your time and talent. Contacting New York Cares, the American Red Cross, the Community Food Bank of New Jersey or AmeriCares are good places to start.

Your support will also allow us to continue our vital work of helping more than 12,800 people in our community in need in Los Angeles, Chicago and nationally.

You are among our most loyal supporters. Thank you for making our work possible.