TMZ is a Non-AFTRA Production

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TMZ is a Non-AFTRA Production

Los Angeles (September 20, 2007) --- Screen Actors Guild members are hereby advised that American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) does NOT have a contract for TMZ, a broadcast syndication “infotainment” TV series produced by TMZ Productions, Inc., A.K.A. Harvey Levin Productions, Inc. and hosted by Harvey Levin.

The producer of TMZ has, to date, refused to sign a union agreement. In addition, AFTRA recently learned that promotional announcements for this program, which were originally produced under an AFTRA agreement, are now being produced non-union.

AFTRA has requested the support of its sister unions, and we are advising Screen Actors Guild members that this program does not yet have a contract with AFTRA. Do not accept employment on TMZ or promos for TMZ until and unless a fair contract between AFTRA and the producer is achieved.

Guild members are reminded that it is a violation of Rule 9 of the Screen Actors Guild Rules and Regulations to accept employment in AFTRA’s jurisdiction when an agreement has not yet been reached between AFTRA and the producer

AFTRA staff contacts are Joan Weise, (323) 634-8174 or, and David Besbris, (323) 634-8116 or All calls will be held confidential.