Join the Solidarity Signers in Supporting a "Yes" Vote

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Join the Solidarity Signers in Supporting a "Yes" Vote

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member,

Your union today announced its member solidarity campaign and issued the names of the first 31 signers to the “Statement of Support.”  The list includes leading stage and screen actors among whom are several Academy Award winners and nominees.  SAG members signing the statement so far include Mel Gibson, Ed Harris, Holly Hunter, Martin Sheen, Sandra Oh, Hal Holbrook, Dixie  Carter, John Heard, Jerry O’Connell, Rob Morrow and others as well as Guild secretary treasurer Connie Stevens, 1st national vice president Anne-Marie Johnson, board members Elliott Gould,  Frances Fisher, Valerie Harper, Robert Hays, Justine Bateman, Clancy Brown,  Charles Shaughnessy, Scott Bakula, and Diane Ladd.

The SAG  “Statement of Support” reads:

“I support the Screen Actors  Guild National Board of Directors request for members to vote YES to empower  the National Board to decide whether to call a TV/Theatrical contract strike,  and if so, determine its timeframe.

We must arm our negotiating  committee with the collective unity and strength of the Screen Actors Guild  members.”

We hope you too will sign on to the “Statement of Support” to show your unity with Screen Actors Guild members in the fight for a fair contract and in support of a “yes” vote on the upcoming strike authorization referendum ballot which will be mailed to paid-up SAG members on Friday January 2, 2009. Ballots are due back for tabulation by January 23, 2009.

SAG members understand that their futures as professional actors are at stake. A yes vote sends a strong message that we are serious about fending off rollbacks and getting what is fair for actors in new media.

A “yes” vote is a vote to empower our negotiating team with the leverage and strength of unified Screen Actors Guild members.

All SAG  members are invited to read and sign the statement of support.  The statement is located at  To sign the “Statement of Support” simply email your name  and member number to (this is an email address not a live web link.) You can also send us your questions or comments to the same address.

The Guild’s website at now features video messages from Justine Bateman, Charles Shaughnessy and Clancy Brown prominently displayed in a homepage video  viewer. Testimonial and topical support videos featuring Holbrook, Asner, Sheen, Ladd, Fisher, and Stevens among others will debut on the site next week.  Video statements  of support are playing now at <> . Don’t forget to click on SAG TV from the homepage to see even more great video messages.

Join other “yes” supporters by signing up as friends of “Empower SAG-Vote Yes” on Facebook at

The initial signers include:

Ed Asner
Scott Bakula 
Justine Bateman
Clancy Brown
Dixie Carter
George Coe
Anne  DeSalvo
Frances Fisher
Mel Gibson
Brian Goodman
Elliot Gould 
Ed Harris
Valerie Harper
John Heard
Robert Hays
Hal  Holbrook
Holly Hunter
Anne-Marie Johnson
Diane Ladd
William  Mapother
Kent McCord
Rob Morrow
Jerry O'Connell
Sandra Oh 
Alan Rosenberg
Alan Ruck
Charles Shaughnessy
Martin Sheen 
Connie Stevens
Renee Taylor
Alicia Witt

Add your name to the list by emailing your name and member number to

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