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The Official E-Newsletter of the New York Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the New York Local
May 2013


The Commercials Contracts have been negotiated and approved by the SAG-AFTRA National Board!

Watch for notices about upcoming informational meetings in New York for an opportunity to learn about the new contracts and ask questions.


Thanks to the efforts of SAG-AFTRA members and staff working in conjunction with other unions and labor leaders, the New York State Legislature recently passed several measures that will continue to promote a vibrant entertainment industry in New York State. 

Among the highlights are:

• The Empire State Production Incentive Program, worth $2.1 billion ($420 million per year) has been extended from 2015 to 2019.
• For areas north and west of Albany, $5 million has been allocated to a 40-percent credit on qualified labor costs from 2015-2019.
• After 42 years in L.A., The Tonight Show is returning to New York in 2014 thanks to favorable incentives included in this package (see story above).
• The Post-Production Tax Credit will increase from $7 million to $25 million from 2015-2019 on qualified expenditures.
• More detailed reports will be required to track the efficiency and effectiveness of the new incentive programs.

Stay informed and stay involved! Legislators in Albany, Trenton and Washington, D.C. listen to us because they listen to you. When lawmakers hear from our members about important issues, they know we mean business. Watch for announcements asking you to contact your elected representatives on behalf of SAG-AFTRA. It definitely pays off!

We’re Moving!

After an extensive search, the SAG-AFTRA New York Local will be moving into a new, unified office space by the end of this year. No more shuttling between 260 and 360 Madison! Our new address will be 1900 Broadway (at 63rd Street), right across from Lincoln Center. Not only will we have a great view in a great neighborhood, but the new office will be designed and built to our specific needs. There will be a larger membership center, more meeting rooms, space for conservatory and foundation seminars, and the latest in technological capabilities. N.Y. Co-President Mike Hodge remarked, "It is fitting that the most powerful entertainment union in the world relocate our New York Local to the center of arts and culture in New York City. Not only will this truly 'merge' our offices and staffs, but we will no longer be paying two rents. It's a great move."

1900 Broadway

Members and staff at 1900 Broadway
New York Board members and staff tour the new office space at 1900 Broadway

Audio Interview with Jeff Spurgeon and Brian Lehrer

Click here to listen to a great audio interview with New York radio personalities Jeff Spurgeon and Brian Lehrer!

We are delighted to bring you the second in a series of audio interviews with SAG-AFTRA New York Local broadcasters. Listen to the interview at your computer, or download to your mobile device and listen on the go.

Jeff Spurgeon and Brian Lerher
New York Local Board member Jeff Spurgeon, left, and Brian Lehrer