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The Official E-Newsletter of the New Mexico Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the New Mexico Local
January 2015


by Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

It’s not sexy, but an important part of your computer’s health is backing up your valuable data (headshots, resume, video, etc.). Many things can go wrong with your computer, but if it crashes due to a failure of the hard drive, you can lose all your data. Think about all the work you do on your computer every day, all the websites you go to, all the bills you pay online …

Most security experts say a user’s data is not safe until it is in three different places. That way, if one method fails, you can recover your data from two other places. This usually results in data:

1. On your computer;
2. In the cloud/online; and
3. Physical media, such as a flash drive.

Some Internet providers offer space for free as part of your monthly bill. Usually, they ask you to keep a folder on your computer that uploads automatically to your segregated portion of the cloud. Anything in that folder gets copied.

You should especially do this with your cellphone. If you have an iPhone, Apple makes it easy with a one-click process in iTunes. I suggest doing this at least once per month. That way, if someone steals your phone, you can at least get the majority of your address book and photos copied from your backup onto your new phone.

Another option is to place a copy of all your headshots, resume, etc. on a flash drive. I suggest keeping this in your car. Most copy places will allow you to print off a flash drive. That way, if you are on the way to your audition and you realize you accidentally left your picture/resume at home, you can swing by a copier and print what you need.

Computers are full of man-made parts. You need to think in terms of when, not if it is going to fail. By some simple planning on your part, your acting career doesn’t have to suffer!

Reprinted with permission from the Nevada Local newsletter, fall 2014.


Tom Schuch

Here we are at the beginning of 2015, and I’m looking forward to another great year in New Mexico in terms of TV and film production. More and more New Mexico actors are auditioning and being cast in a wide variety of television and film roles. No longer are New Mexico performers relegated to just day parts. Much of this growing success can be attributed to the hard work and continued training of our professional union actors and the strong support of our local casting directors.

I have sat and watched numerous locally shot and produced television series, realizing that many of those shows include what can be called an ensemble of professional New Mexico actors. It puts a big smile on my face to know that our local talent pool doesn’t have to leave the state to find work. And, our local independent film industry continues to create compelling and important work, winning awards and acclaim throughout the country.

Speaking of which, we were very fortunate to have a panel discussion with Jo Edna Boldin and Marie Kohl, two very busy New Mexico casting directors, at our fall membership meeting. Along with other projects, they cast the first season of Manhattan. Also at the dais were six local members who were cast in recurring roles in that series. What resulted was a wonderful discussion about the casting process and an intimate look into our world as it relates to casting. We were given important advice and insight as to how we can be better prepared for successful auditions.

Local president Tom Schuch leads a Q&A with Jo Edna Boldin, Marie Kohl and local New Mexico members cast in the TV series Manhattan.

Prior to the general membership meeting and panel discussion, the New Mexico Local Board, with the valuable help of Director of Locals Administration Julie Crane, conducted a new member orientation. Many important subjects were covered, including a detailed explanation of the dues periods, set etiquette, agent relations and the business of acting.

A lot has been happening on a national basis with SAG-AFTRA. We negotiated our very first joint contract for TV/Theatrical, our financial position is strong and in the black, and your volunteer SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local Board is working hard behind the scenes to make sure local actors are well represented nationally. Following is a report from First Vice President and National Board alternate Mel MacKaron (filling in for Roy Costley) that gives a detailed rundown on what is happening nationally.

To my fellow New Mexico actors: Train hard, don’t give up and do great work. We’ll see you on the set!

Tom Schuch
President, SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local