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The Official E-Newsletter of the Nevada Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Nevada Local
April 2014


By Heart Shapré
SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local Board Member

As of Jan. 1, the road to filming in Nevada is now open with new incentives available to filmmakers.

It is good news to all film actors in Nevada, as the opportunity to work will increase as productions film in our state.

Nevada is well-suited for filming, offering red rock terrain, mountainous scenes, desert, settlements in various desert areas and the interstate flowing through the desert. We have wedding chapels, lakes and casinos (inside and out), the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign, the streets of downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, Lake Tahoe, the Carson City State Capitol, Boulder City and the settlement of Las Vegas, to name but a few of our diverse scenery and sites.

Talk it up, for you may be in a position to influence someone who is involved in some way in film, or that person may know an individual who has some say on where a film will be made.

We are delighted and excited to now offer the incentives placing Nevada in the running with other states offering incentives. 
For more information, click here.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 begins production in Las Vegas in late April. Goldman & Associates is casting principal and background artists.

Owner Julie Goldman would like all SAG-AFTRA Nevada members to know that to be considered for work on the film (and other projects), you are welcome to register on her website.

It is always free to register with Goldman & Associates casting company, which has operated here since 1979. If you currently have a profile online, now is a good time to update your account with any new headshots, credits and contact information.


Even though we no longer have an office in Nevada, help is always available and easy to find. When you have a question or an issue arises, just follow this link and get the assistance you need.


New Members: Landa Morland, Peter Pavone, Morgan E. Bastin, Scott Casey, Roy Nelson, Simply D, Naim Lynn

Transfers In: Sjon Scarborough, Terie Ashley, Scott C. MacKenzie, Jed Curtis, Brenda Gayle

A Message from the Nevada Local President

By Barbara Grant

Barbara Grant

Since the loss of our executive director, Steve Clinton, we have all taken on more to promote SAG-AFTRA in Nevada. To give you an idea, local board member Bobbie Wolff and I went to Reno to see the huge, 550,000-square foot Reno Tahoe Film Studios at the Sparks Convention Center and met with the studio's president and CEO, Chris Baum. I was then asked to participate in a panel that addressed 200 people about the SB165 Film Incentive program. They were all very supportive. With more filming headed to the Reno area, it’s now more important than ever we encourage SAG-AFTRA-eligible performers living in Northern Nevada to join the union.

I have since attended the film incentive panel that was held here in Las Vegas and met many more people who want to see it working for all of us. When I was in Reno, I met Jeff Spilman, film liaison to Film Reno Tahoe, and he was at the Las Vegas event too, as he is a big promoter of the plan.

Why the legislators decided an open public meeting was needed for each movie coming in, I do not know. The first of these meetings was held at 10 a.m. on Feb. 24. Along with me, there were at least a dozen actors, all grateful for the incentive program and the work it will bring us. I took the moment to publicly ask if there are some protections in place so we do not have the same problem as in the past, with a lot of actors from other areas coming in claiming to be local hires. I was told there would be strict rules that actors would have to follow to work as local hires. Line producer Marty Ewing told us that it is his job to make sure people comply, to which I said, “Great, I’ll hold your feet to the fire!”

SAG-AFTRA Nevada Conservatory News

Wow! All of you who didn’t go to February’s SAG-AFTRA Conservatory sure missed out. To try something that hasn’t been done in years (because of lack of facilities open on Sunday), it was a Saturday and Sunday workshop. Both were well attended. We were fortunate enough to have Adam Hill teach the workshop. He is an acclaimed acting coach who has relocated to Las Vegas and is now holding classes here.

The question I have for you all is this: Should we occasionally have conservatory sessions on Sundays? When bringing in facilitators, it is a much cheaper flight and hotel to bring them in on Sunday. As prices go up, our budget doesn’t stretch as far as it did in the past. We really don’t want to raise the yearly dues. Come to the conservatory and give us your thoughts! For more info, you may email me at

Nevada SAG-AFTRA Conservatory with Barbara Grant, fall 2013. Photo by Anna Wendt.

Nevada SAG-AFTRA Conservatory with Adam Hill, February 2014. Photo by Micki Flansburg.