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The Official Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local
The Official Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local
February 2013

Chris Rogers


by Chris Rogers

I’d like to talk about the importance of smartphones vs. regular cell phones for the actor.

Most modern cell phones are known as smartphones. You can think of them as the next generation or evolution of regular cell phones. These advanced phones basically have small minicomputers tucked inside. They are as powerful as the gigantic, room-sized computers that helped Apollo 11 land on the moon in 1963!

On your smartphone, you can have your: picture and resumé, reel, email, address book, text, browse the Web, pay bills, etc. No longer are you bound to your desktop computer to handle these tasks. If you are on set and your agent calls about an audition, the agent now has a more immediate way of getting all the vital info to you.

Most phones have Global Positioning Services (GPS) built in. I usually plug in the address location of the audition the night before. That way I don’t have to fumble with it that morning and can get there early, relax and concentrate on giving my best.

There are many different types and manufacturers of smartphones available on the market. Also, keep in mind how you will use it and which monthly service plan you should choose. To keep my minute usage down, I often answer my cell phone and then call back from a land phone. There are also many free Web-based phone lines (e.g., Google Voice) where you log on to their website and then make your call over the Internet for free.

Many phones are free if you commit to a two-year contract. AT&T is a proud union supporter and SAG-AFTRA members are eligible for 15 percent off their cell phone usage bill through the Union Plus benefits program. Click here for details and reference the FAN number 3508840.

These are but a few of the many options for cell phones for the modern performer. I can’t stress how important it is to have a smartphone. Go into a reputable store, play with all the different phones, discuss with the customer service rep all the different carriers and phone plans to see what suits your needs best. Your agent will love you for it!

In the next column, I will introduce you to some of the best apps and websites for the modern performer.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”
 — Spock, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

barbara grant

President’s Remarks

by Barbara Grant

I want to wish each and every one of you a happy New Year; I hope that 2013 is a blessed and wondrous year for all of us.

For our Nevada Local, we are coming off of one of our better years in a while. We had several large productions in town, our usual commercials load and even an industrial. New media and Short Film Agreement productions are still going strong, and our local membership has grown. Plus, we flew our banner high at the Las Vegas Halloween parade and had over 400 attendees at our annual All-Industry Holiday Mixer. While we are not Hollywood yet, we are certainly a vibrant local that will continue to go all-out for our members.

We can also be proud of the Nevada Conservatory. We have already had a dozen great presenters in this fiscal year, including the great Lee Garlington, Ken Lerner, Michael Pearlman, etc., and have the driving desire to keep up the fine lineup. Right now, we have a very important presenter at the end of February — Terri Becherer, the national director, specialty performers (background, stunts, dancers and singers). Our executive will talk more about this in his article, but we are proud that Terri will make the trip from Los Angeles, mostly to talk about background performers, but will also answer questions about the other aspects of the members she covers.

Last, but not least, I’d like to acknowledge your wonderful Local Board members and local committee members who make everything we do here in Las Vegas useful. No one person can claim responsibility for the accomplishments of the Nevada Local, rather it is the collaboration of many terrific and strong union volunteers that take on accomplishments such as our Halloween Parade and our holiday mixer, and make them special for those members who want to participate. One of our goals in 2013 is to increase that participation and keep the Nevada Local the special entity we know it to be.

Members having fun during Halloween. Photos by Bobbie Wolf

Halloween parade
The SAG-AFTRA banner on display at the Halloween parade

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