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The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local
December 2015


Kim Renee

By Kim Renee 

I would like our members to know the SAG-AFTRA staff is always working on our behalf and give a special note of thanks to Terri Becherer, SAG-AFTRA national director, specialty performers, who recently went to bat for me.

I was in the Mandalay Bay casino last September and happened to see a Wonder Woman slot machine that, lo and behold, had footage from 35 years ago, featuring me doubling Lynda Carter jumping out a window!

I contacted SAG-AFTRA and it took months, but, believe it or not, I got a nice-sized check to cover this new use on the original work that is decades old. Fortunately, I had a copy of the paycheck from the episode in which my stunt aired, which helped speed up the process. 

How sweet is that? And, it just goes to show we should keep the faith in our union, they fight for us.

A Message from the Nevada Local President

Arttours Weeden 

To My Nevada Union Brothers and Sisters:

As your new president, I would like to let you know what an honor it is for me to lead, serve and represent you. Being part of the largest union representing performers you see and hear on film, TV, radio, video games and new media gives us a solidarity that spans the nation and beyond. We’re all over the place! This gives us a better chance to get the best protections in our contracts and to provide for us what we and past members have worked and fought for. Working together, we can ensure we get fair deals and coverage in all areas of media as fast as they evolve.

I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. Things move so fast and it is always helpful when we have such great people. I want to thank Barbara Grant for all she has done during her term as the Nevada Local's president. Having served as vice president in the last term, I can tell you she has put so much into helping and caring for the membership and has made the transition for me so easy. Barbara still does so much for us and still is head of our Nevada Conservatory. To have members that give so much here is awesome. From our local board and our committee members to our national board member and everyone who wants to help us achieve, thank you. 

The current union structure allowed me to experience one of the new and vital parts of our governance on all levels: The SAG-AFTRA National Convention. This biennial event was recently held in Los Angeles. The theme was “Educate, Engage, Empower.” Let me tell you it was all of that and more! It allowed me a chance to be in meetings with our top staff, who are working to ensure our future. I met with the other local presidents and learned what common interests and goals we have. We are as diverse in membership as we are as performers. It even gave me a chance to see some different sides of our own local leadership. 

Nevada was in the house and we want to see Nevada thrive and grow. If you are interested in being a part of any of our local’s committees, let us know. Email me at If you want to be on a committee, please plan on attending all the meetings and contributing so we can work as a team. That is what I expect of all the committee members that want to serve our local.

I look forward to serving you.


Arttours Weeden

SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local President