Nevada 2008:08

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Nevada 2008:08

August 19, 2008


Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the Nevada Branch had to reschedule the 75th anniversary gala. The new date is September 20.

The party is bigger and the pace is faster in Vegas, so come celebrate with us. The event will be co-hosted by the charitable organization Women in Film.

September 20, 7-11 p.m.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Dream Vision Studios
6705 S. Eastern, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Cost: $15 each for SAG members and one guest
$25 each for members of WIF, SAG Conservatory, IATSE, AEA, AFTRA and college/university students
$50 for the general public
RVSP: To purchase tickets and to RSVP, call (702) 737-7337, or go online to
Dress code: Attire for the evening will be upscale, with a 1930s look encouraged. Dress like your favorite movie star. Go ahead, bring out your best Bogart or Hayworth.

This year's theme is "Then & Now… Speakeasy!” You’ll leave the lights of Vegas for a short jaunt through the history of SAG, and with the right password, you’ll cross the threshold to a plethora of entertainment, food and beverage, torch singers, vaudeville acts and silent auctions with the most coveted bounty. There will be many surprises throughout the evening. Don’t forget to save the date. We want to see you there.

And while you’re adding to your calendar for that weekend, there’s one more date to remember…

Nevada SAG Membership Meeting
When: September 21
1:30 p.m.-2 p.m. (meet and greet)
2-4 p.m. (membership meeting)
Where: Tropicana Hotel and Casino
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard, South
For Hotel Information: Call (702) 739-2222
If you have any questions please contact Hrair Messerlian at (800) SAG-0767, prompt 7 or e-mail


By Steve Dressler

More than 120 members and eight casting directors came to the Casting Directors Fair on April 20. The casting directors were very cordial with our members and very happy to receive pictures and resumes to be added to their repertoire of actors.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our June 21 SAG 75th anniversary gala had to be rescheduled. It will now be Saturday September 20, 7-11 p.m. The location is Dream Vision Studios at 6705 S. Eastern, Las Vegas, NV 89119. The cost is $15 each for SAG members and one guest; $25 each for members of WIF, SAG Conservatory, IATSE, AEA, AFTRA and college/university students; and $50 for the general public.

We have the pleasure of being hosted by Women In Film. To order tickets and to RSVP by September 16, please call (702) 737-7337, or go online to Please do not hesitate to purchase because tickets are limited.

As an update from the statistics reported during the membership meeting, last year we added 38 new members and 65 transfers from other Branches. We welcome you to the Nevada Branch and hope to see you at the next membership meeting in September.

There are many SAG eligible actors in Nevada. Please continue to encourage them to join Screen Actors Guild. The initiation fee is still at a lower level compared to some of the other Branches. Procrastination can be costly. Just like anything else, rates only go up.

At this particular time, the contract negotiating process is still in play. During any negotiations, there needs to be compromise. Our National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen states, “SAG’s negotiating committee has made significant moves in the AMPTP’s direction on a number of proposals. The limited progress the AMPTP referred to in its recent statement is largely because management has not made an equally dedicated effort to achieving progress. Negotiations are about give and take and thus far it has primarily been SAG’s negotiating committee 'giving.'"

There are molecules of wonderment in the atmosphere displacing a residue of the “s” word. Lauren A.E. Schuker, in story disseminated by The Associated Press, writes, “Still reeling from a long strike by screenwriters this past winter, Hollywood is bracing for the possibility that the entertainment industry will grind to a halt again -- this time because of a dispute with actors.” To the contrary of a possible strike, Allen believes that it is possible to complete negotiations and secure a fair deal. Our National President Alan Rosenberg has said, "Our negotiating team is prepared to work around the clock for as long as it takes to get a fair deal. We want to keep the town working.”

The local W & W committee has put in our request to expand our local background jurisdiction and studio zone. The National Contract Negotiating Committee knows of our jurisdictional dilemma and has fought hard to correct it.

Have a safe and blessed summer.


By Art Lynch
National Board Representative

SAG faces local and national challenges requiring dedication and commitment from all members in solidarity.

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) has chosen, for the first time in decades, to negotiate separately from Screen Actors Guild. There are many reasons, but among them is not the lack of common interests.

SAG’s negotiation team is standing firm on the issue of Internet and alternative media production pay thresholds, on not allowing non-union work under our contracts, on DVD residuals and on other key issues impacting the future of all performers.

For background talent, larger numbers on the set, increased pay and a much larger Nevada Branch Background Zone were among the issues going into contract negotiations.

For principal performers and background alike, the issues are protection of our talents, fair pay and safe working conditions.

Screen Actors Guild faces many challenges as we enter our 75th proud year as a union.

Nevada is making progress toward a local office, with a local executive who will live in Nevada.

SAG will again join with other unions in going before the legislature with proposals to attract production to Nevada.

Screen Actors Guild is involved in pushing for the baby steps that will be needed to counter the encroachment of “right to work,” a movement that has taken jobs from union talent and allowed non-union talent to work openly at union pay on union sets.

Staff members at all levels are active in developing and implementing models to assist in organizing, and with that effort comes the development of work at all levels in every branch.

Finally, I would have liked to have addressed several concerns written in drafts submitted as early as April for cancelled or unpublished newsletters. Under SAG election guidelines, I am unable to do so during the election season. I hope that the Guild will be revisiting those guidelines in the near future.


By Lollo Sievert
Nevada Branch Vice President

Our recent casting directors fair was a great opportunity to meet with, get to know, ask questions of and get current information on locally involved casting directors. This event preceded our April 2008 membership meeting and had about 120 attendees.

Casting director Julie Goldman with members

Casting directors Ray Favero (far left) and Shari Rhodes (leopard print) with members. (Photos by Lollo Sievert.)

Everyone had the opportunity to give out their resumes and pictures, and to interview and to be interviewed by the casting directors. Immediately following the fair, an open microphone session took place, which was an opportunity to voice concerns and get information/answers on current issues. This event may become yearly.

Our thanks go out to the following agents who took the time to meet with our members:

Latrell Manuel of Casting Entertainment

Julie Goldman of Goldman & Associates

Ray Favero of Ray Favero Casting

Marilee Lear of Lear Enterprises

Phil Valentine and Kendra Crosby of The Red Agency

Dave Brown of Remington Agency

Jorina King of Wild Streak Talent

Randy Tripp of 702 Casting

Shari Rhodes of Shari Rhodes Casting

Let your branch leadership hear from you with ideas of what you would like to hear about or to take place during our membership meetings. Please contact: with your ideas.


By Hrair Messerlian

As has been reported earlier in this publication, we had a very successful casting directors fair and membership meeting on April 20. Productions are picking up again with films, TV pilots and commercials coming in and more rumored to be coming. Stay prepared and connected by making sure all of your contact information is up to date with the casting directors, franchised agents, SAG and SAG’s iActor.

Have you seen the New SAG TV feature on the SAG website lately? Log onto and check out the messages from your SAG National President Alan Rosenberg and National Executive Director Doug Allen. Support your union in our effort to secure a fair deal for the TV/Theatrical Contract. That also means not working non-SAG jobs. I occasionally receive reports on the few of you who work non-SAG productions. Those who are working off the card are damaging your own prosperity and the prosperity of your peers. It is a violation of trust between members, and you should be without remorse in documenting and reporting it. Read about Rule One later in this newsletter. If you can document a Rule One violation by video or otherwise, please send a copy to my attention.

If you haven’t done so already, please pay your dues today. If you are not an active, paid-up member in good standing, you may not be able to vote in Guild elections or be eligible to serve on the council or committees. You also must be paid to date to register on iActor, the Guild’s online casting program, which is now being used by casting directors nationwide. If you have any questions regarding your dues, please contact Membership Coordinator Eileen Neel at (800) SAG-0767, option 3, or via e-mail at

If I can ever help you with anything, please contact me at (800) SAG-0767, option 7, or via e-mail at


By Leslie Krensky
South Region Director

Joining Screen Actors Guild means more than just proudly carrying the card. It means you have the strength of a union with more than 120,000 actors behind you. Each performer who joins the Guild is making a statement that he or she is a professional actor entitled to the wages and working conditions of a professional, and one who refuses to settle for less than a union contract. Every individual who joins the Guild agrees to abide by a code of rules and regulations governing membership. Primary among these is the regulation known as Rule One. It is what makes a union strong.

Rule One of the Screen Actors Guild Constitution and By-Laws states the following: “No member shall work as a performer or make an agreement to work as a performer for any producer who has not executed a basic minimum agreement with the Guild which is in full force and effect.”

This rule means that when performers join the union, they are agreeing to only render services under a Screen Actors Guild contract when employed for a production that falls within the Guild’s jurisdiction. The Guild’s jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to:

Television Commercials – including commercials made for local, regional, and national broadcast or cable use, and commercials made for use in foreign countries. There are also contracts that cover commercials made for Internet and new media.

Industrial Programs – including sales and training programs made for local exhibition and for the Internet

Student Films

Short Films

Low Budget Films

Feature Films – films exhibited in movie theaters, including productions made to attract financing for feature film production

Television Productions
– including pilots, series, and movies for broadcast, cable, and pay television, promos for television programs and networks and productions made to attract financing for television production

New Media Productions
– including webisodes, mobisodes, and podcasts

Interactive Productions
– including video games

Music Video Productions

Animated Productions
– whether produced for theatrical release, television exhibition, or use in any other medium

Abiding by Rule One is essential for your own protection as well as to keep the union strong. Working under a SAG contract is the only way to make sure you receive professional wages and working conditions for each production and to ensure that you are protected against unauthorized use and reuse of your performance.

Rule One enforcement is essential to the Guild’s ability to enforce its contracts and organize new employers. Producers sign contracts with the Guild and obligate themselves to standard rates, working conditions, pension and health contributions, and residuals because they know they must to get the best performers. If members are willing to work non-union, there is no reason for producers to sign contracts.
Because of the vital importance of Rule One, a violation can subject a member to disciplinary proceedings which can result in a variety of penalties–ranging from a reprimand to a fine to suspension or expulsion from membership.

Protect yourself and the union by upholding SAG Rule One. If you have any questions about Rule One, please contact Nevada Executive Director Hrair Messerlian at (800) SAG-0767, option 7, or via e-mail at


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