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The Official E-Newsletter of the Nashville Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Nashville Local
March 2013

Wes Hightower


If you are a background vocalist on any recordings, this is an important message for you.

The AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund is a fund that was formed for the purpose of distributing royalties from various foreign territories and royalties established by government statute under U.S. copyright law. Money collected by this fund comes from agreements with organizations including Geidankyo - Center for Performing Rights Administration in Japan and U.S. government agencies to secure royalties for non-featured performers (e.g. sidemusicians and background vocalists). The Fund distributes money to non-featured vocalists and non-featured musicians for the rental in Japan of U.S. and Japanese-produced sound recordings; Japanese private home copying; Dutch royalties received from SENA in the Netherlands for private home copying and certain broadcast royalties; Audio Home Recording Act monies; and statutory license royalties for the digital broadcast of sound recordings in the U.S. pursuant to the Digital Performance Rights in Sound Recordings Act of 1995 and Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

I can say with authority that the money collected and paid to us for our contributions to these recordings can be a blessing and in some cases lucrative — particularly if you are working or have worked on popular recordings that were hits on the charts.

All the Fund needs is your name and address. Now would be the perfect time to sign up, and make sure they know where to send the check. Visit to register your name and info. Click the “online forms” tab, and you're one step closer to either getting money that's already owed to you, or being ready for money that's coming down the pipeline. Either way, it doesn't cost you a thing to do, and is a smart investment in your time if you have any professional credits out there for vocals.

There are resources on the website to search unclaimed royalties by name. You can check for yourself if you're entitled to a distribution, fill out an inquiry form and get your money!

Take it from the most recorded singer in America; this is worth your time.

Best regards to my union friends,

Wes Hightower


Our hearts go out to the children and family with the recent loss of Mindy McCready. This tragic news came as a great shock to many in our industry and community. Mindy was a member of the SAG-AFTRA Nashville Local. 

Michael Montgomery

From Nashville's Co-President

By Mike Montgomery

I truly hope 2013 finds you happy, healthy and ready to work because in many respects Nashville finds itself poised to take the next step to becoming a business and arts mecca. Forbes magazine finds us one of the most attractive places to live and work. Travel and Leisure recently ranked us as a top tourist destination with one of the most exciting food scenes in the country and Kiplinger touts Nashville as a top-10 place to start a business. Our star is rising in the entertainment world as well.

The ABC series Nashville has injected new life into our film and television industry by providing steady work for our IATSE brothers and sisters, recurring roles for several local SAG-AFTRA members, day-player roles for many others and an opportunity for songwriters to pitch and land songs on the soundtrack. Nashville seems to be acting as a springboard for other productions considering our area as well. Currently there are 14 SAG-AFTRA projects, using several different contracts, either in production or pre-production in Tennessee and Kentucky. Let's all hope this upward trend gains traction as Nashville's star continues to rise.

Cece DuBois

From Nashville's Co-President

By Cece DuBois

Hey everybody, Happy New Year to y’all! Think about this: Jan. 1, 2013, marked the day when, for the first time we, as union members, stepped into the year as one union! Yup, it’s a monumental moment, one that we or our predecessors have striven for since the 1930s. It is now. We are here.

As I have said many times through the years, here in Nashville we are the same community of performers that we’ve always been. When I was first elected president of this local back in 1993, the Nashville office housed both AFTRA and SAG. Then in 2003, SAG took its boots off the ground in Nashville, and AFTRA was flying solo. But in 2012, members of SAG and of AFTRA across this nation made their voices heard … and SAG-AFTRA was born. 

So dream big, brothers and sisters. We are who we are, doing what we do creatively. Members of our union family are the ones honored at the SAG Awards, the CMT Awards, the CMAs, the Oscars, the Grammys, the ACMs, the Emmys — every award given to any performer in video, film, digital and sound recordings of any stripe comes to take its place on the family mantle of SAG-AFTRA’s members. Welcome home.

Russell Terrell
Russell Terrell

Board Member Russell Terrell Receives Curtain Award

Hats off to our longtime member Russell Terrell on the occasion of his being given Belmont University’s Curtain Call Award. This award is a recognition of outstanding achievement in the arts by a Belmont graduate. The award was presented on Monday evening, Jan. 28, 2013 in Belmont’s Massey Concert Hall by Dr. Cynthia Curtis, Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts.  

Following the award presentation, attendees were treated to a mini-documentary titled Russell Terrell: The Voice Behind the Voice. Several of Nashville’s well-known music producers paid tribute to Russell’s abilities, work ethic and dependability as a professional singer. Russell had a few guest artists help demonstrate his background singing live. Then he used Pro Tools to demonstrate how he thinks about crafting vocals behind a lead singer in order to enhance the song without distracting from the main artist. It was an informative presentation that affirmed the reason that Russell was chosen for this honor. Congratulations to Russell on this important milestone and recognition. I was proud to have attended and proud that Russell is very much a pro-SAG-AFTRA member.

Jim Ferguson
National Vice President, Recording Artists