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The Official E-Newsletter of the Nashville Branch
The Official E-Newsletter of the Nashville Branch
March 2011


On Thursday, Wisconsin lawmakers approved controversial legislation to strip public sector workers of basic collective bargaining rights. Screen Actors Guild continues to stand with the workers of Wisconsin, and all workers, in an effort to protect the right to collectively bargain.
Wisconsin has become ground zero for the labor movement and collective bargaining rights. The struggle of public sector union members in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states to protect their basic collective bargaining rights is not theirs alone. If collective bargaining rights can be stripped away in a strong union state like Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere. Various anti-labor bills have recently been introduced in dozens of states. And, it is believed that if this action succeeds in Wisconsin, more and more anti-union efforts may spread across the country and ultimately could affect all labor organizations, including Screen Actors Guild.
It is an attack on the most important and effective tool for improving  workers’ conditions and ensuring a fair wage, and it is one that has served SAG members well since 1933. Our stake in this fight is not only to support our fellow union members, but to help ensure that SAG members don’t lose this essential right in the future.
Screen Actors Guild is a proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO. All workers have a fundamental right to join unions and to engage in collective bargaining over workplace issues they face.

As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said this week, "It is our job to transform the outrage and make this moment a movement — to ensure that this corruption in the Midwest does not stand. And we have the immense responsibility to keep the fire lit and spark real change for America."

You can also take part in this effort on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and by voicing your support for Wisconsin union members and the right of all workers to join together and collectively bargain.

For more information, please visit the AFL-CIO website,

You can also support the effort via social networking sites:

Facebook (comments are welcome)

We Are One

Twitter: @screenactors, and when tweeting supportive messages, use the hash tag #wiunions.


New Members

Ciara Bravo
John Greer
Miranda Lambert
Billy Swayze
Tina Whitley

Colin Andrew Benward
Cleve Gray
Ashleigh Prince

FOR 48 HFP 2011

Mark your calendars for relevant Nashville 48 Hour Film Project 2011info:

Registration opens May 10.

Preliminary meet-and-greet/collaborators meeting: Saturday, June 4 at Numynd /PK Pictures.

Last meet-and-greet before competition: Saturday, June 25 at Numynd/PK Pictures.

Competition weekend: Friday, July 15 to Sunday, July 17 (yes, this is the third weekend). Kick-off and drop-off location is Numynd/PK Pictures.

Screenings at Belcourt Theatre: July 27-28.

Awards Ceremony at Belcourt Theatre: August 2.

The Nashville 48 Hour Film Project 2011 is a FilmNashville production, produced by Deborah Gordon (aka Deborah Gee, The “Toasted Hostess” of

Stay tuned for more details in coming weeks and months.

paperless billing  


Paperless billing is yet another way SAG is more efficiently serving our members: cutting costs (not to mention clutter in your home), making your billing instantaneous and, as part of our ongoing green initiative, doing our part to save the environment.

• Save paper and stamps. You won’t just save yourself money, but you’ll save the Guild money, too. With more than 125,000 members, and dues bills being sent out twice a year, the Guild has a hefty business expense that can be significantly lightened by paperless billing.

• You can download to your computer or mobile device an exact virtual copy of the bill you would normally receive in the mail. That will reduce clutter, and if you live at the frantic pace that most actors do, it will also reduce the chance that you’ll misplace this important information.

Here’s a link to help get you started with paperless billing as well as answers to any additional questions you may have. Don’t worry; should you change your mind, you can always revert back to a paper bill with a simple click if you determine it’s not right for you.


The Guild has been contacted by the following productions about becoming signatory to one of the Screen Actors Guild collective bargaining agreements. Please be advised that these producers may not have completed the signatory process at this time. It is the responsibility of each member to confirm that each producer has signed the applicable contract before making an agreement to render services. Failure to confirm the signatory status before rendering services may lead to disciplinary charges being filed. If you have any questions, please contact the office at (800) SAG-0767, option 5, ext. 7088.

Because access to our updates is restricted to SAG members in good standing only, we ask your continued cooperation in maintaining the confidentiality of its contents. Therefore, please refrain from sharing this update, or forwarding e-mailed updates to anyone.

This production update is provided as a service to Screen Actors Guild members to assist you in following up on work opportunities with your talent agent. Most producers will not accept direct submissions and will only consider performers submitted by talent agents. Since they do not accept direct submissions, many producers will not grant permission to include casting information or production office address data on these communications. If the information does not appear on this update, it was not made available to the Guild for publication.


No productions at this time


Crawl Space
Ultra Low Budget
Chad Dossett
Location: Louisville, KY
Start Date: 3/15/11

On the Line
Low Budget Modified
Touchdown Productions LLC
Location: Corbin, KY
Start Date: 4/1/11

Save the Date for Our 30th Anniversary Celebration

The Nashville Branch is celebrating its 30th anniversary in conjunction with the Nashville Film Festival. So mark your calendar for Thursday, April 14, 2011, and watch your e-mail inbox for further details coming soon!


From the Nashville Branch President

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well and I hope this issue of the TenneScene marks the end of winter. On to spring and bigger and better things for us all. And here's how we make bigger and better things happen.

The Tennessee Entertainment Industry Investment Act (HB555 and SB354), the new film incentives bill, has been introduced on the floor of both houses of the Legislature. NOW is the time for you to call, write or e-mail our representatives and senators in support of this bill. NOW is the time for you to ask your friends to call, to ask everyone you see at auditions to call and to ask them to ask everyone they know to call. This bill will determine whether or not Tennessee will be a factor in the film industry. The importance of its passage to anyone even remotely related to film cannot be overstated. Go to to find your legislator and how to contact him or her. Help your career. Please call/write/e-mail now!

As we all watch the drama starring our union brothers and sisters in Wisconsin unfold, we must remember another act of the same play opens in Tennessee very soon. Our teachers union, the Tennessee Education Association, will be fighting to retain the right to collectively bargain for wages, benefits and working conditions. Their right to do so has been law in the United States since 1935. Please support the TEA in their effort to retain this bedrock principle of unionism. Their fight is truly our fight.

Finally, on a lighter note, this year is the 30th anniversary of The Nashville Branch of Screen Actors Guild. We hope to have a party in conjunction with the Nashville Film Festival in the middle of April, so stay tuned for particulars and hope to see you there. By the way, have you contacted your legislator yet?

In Solidarity,

Michael Montgomery

Share How You Became a Member

Everyone has a story about becoming a member of the largest and most influential actors’ union in the world. We’d like to print the stories of our members’ first achievement of membership. What is it that made you join? How did you feel when you finally became a member? What was your first job? How has SAG helped your career? We’d like to hear your ”how I joined SAG” story.

Please forward your story to South Region Executive David Fazekas at

What Does Membership Mean to You?

Every member has specific reasons for joining SAG. What are yours? What benefits have you personally experienced? What would you say to non-member colleagues to help bring them into the union? The more performers who belong, the stronger we can be in negotiation with employers, and the greater benefits we can all enjoy. We’d like to share your point of view, to inform and inspire our members and bring as many new members into the fold as possible.

Write your testimony in one or two sentences and send it to South Region Executive David Fazekas at


Why I Am SAG

By Chris Ladd
Nashville Branch Councilor at Large

Have you ever worked for someone and they wanted more out of you? Worked your long hours for less pay, because they wanted something for themselves and would do anything that cost less to get it. They are controlled by a little thing called GREED. They want more and more for themselves, not really looking at what helps them reach their objectives.

This is one reason I joined SAG. To make sure that when I work for someone as an actor, I have in place the rules that protect me from overwork. Rules that see that I get what is due to me, from pay to just the simple comforts of a meal and rest time. To make sure that my efforts as an actor are rewarded and not abused.

That is what it means for me to be a member of SAG.

Looking at it a step farther, it also means I have reached that place to be classified as a professional in my craft, not just someone that has a hobby. I want to let producers and directors know that I will give my best to their production, for it means just as much to me as to them.

SAG is there to protect us, to see that we are not taken advantage of, to give to us the comfort that someone will see that we not only get paid for our professional work, but that we are given good working conditions.

To be honest, when I first worked in a production, I had not thought about SAG. I worked as a background actor, just as a side line to my other work in television. Then one day, Jack Starrett, the director of Walking Tall, Final Chapter, came to me and said, “Instead of using you as a background actor, I want to give you some lines.” Before shooting the part, the assistant director came to me with a contract — thus began my interest in this industry, and thus began my working towards becoming a character actor and taking the steps to study and work to better myself.

I have always been one to give the best I can when someone wanted me to do something. Not only to give what they wanted, but to take the extra step and give more. That is why, even after years of being in the business, I keep working at improving my skills.

Through all that I have done, SAG has been there to see that I have good working conditions, good pay, benefits, and that no one will ever take advantage of my work.

Local Member Discounts

Everybody loves a discount, especially during these tough economic times. The Guild is always interested in promoting special discounts for our members. If you know of a local vendor who might be willing to provide SAG members a discount on goods or services, please let us know so that we can contact the vendor and discuss the possibility of a member discount. If a discount can be worked out, the vendor’s offer will be publicized to all Nashville Branch members via our e-blasts, website and e-newsletter. This is a win-win situation for both the member and vendor because the member receives a product or service at a reduced rate and the vendor receives free advertising and, in all likelihood, increased sales.

If you come across an interested vendor, please contact South Region Executive David Fazekas at or (407) 788-3020 and provide him with all the relevant information pertaining to the proposed discount.

Film-Com is Coming

Film-Com is a non-profit event produced 100 percent by volunteers to build real bridges for filmmakers in our region to financing and distribution. Please support and participate in this event, including its major networking party, and film and television seminars.

Film-Com will be occuring April 12-15, 2011, at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, the Pinnacle Tower, the AT&T Building (aka the Batman Building) and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

If you have a film or television project-in-progress, go to Film-Com at Withoutabox while early bird rates still apply. Click here.
Stay tuned for info on a Film-Com networking event at the top of the Batman Building on Wednesday evening, April 13, at 8 p.m. Tickets are limited due to the space and will be purchasable at
Stay tuned for TV business and film business seminars. Tickets are also limited for these due to available spaces, and will also be available for purchase at the website.
See the Film-Com promo video, sponsored by Ground Zero Post, Wolf Music Sound Design,, Sunrise Entertainment and Ashley Gillum Photography at this link.
Film-Com is also on YouTube and on Facebook.