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“I got my AFTRA card from doing a feature background role on the TV show The Good Wife. I am proud to be a union member because our representatives fight for the equality we as actors deserve when working long hours on a set.” - Craig Scribner


“I am a proud SAG-AFTRA member because knowing that I am part of this elite group of professional performers is such an amazing feeling. It feels so great knowing that I have a world of opportunity opening up for myself. Knowing that I am protected in a working environment and have all these fantastic benefits is an incredible and wonderful feeling that only a SAG-AFTRA member can experience.” - Johnny Palomarez Jr.


"I'm a morning radio personality in Chicago, and have been a SAG-AFTRA member since 2009. I've had a career filled with blessings, including my current position working at the Big 89, WLS-AM." - Jennifer DeSalvo