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"I'm so happy to be a member of SAG-AFTRA because my rights are protected and my professionalism is always on show! I have done my best work through SAG-AFTRA!" - Justine Harrison


“Got my SAG card after many years. My hard work has paid off!”  - Fernando Mateo Jr.


“I struggled terribly as a musician, singer, and actor for twenty years. Then, 14 years ago, I got a featured voice on a Disney animated feature, and that got me my SAG card. Three years later, I had paid off my little house in Springfield, Illinois with the initial performance fees and residuals, gotten a steady gig at the live theater inside the Lincoln Presidential Museum, and had street cred with agents, venues, and bookers for live performances – all because I had leveraged the opportunity and privilege of becoming a working union member!” - Randy Skalicky