Mileage Reimbursement and Travel

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If you have a specific question about mileage reimbursement and travel or need further information, please contact a business representative at your SAG-AFTRA local office.

Travel to a Location:

Overtime caused by travel time is computed as time-and-one-half. Mileage is payable at $ .30 per mile to the performer if the performer is required to report to the location within the 30 mile Hollywood or San Francisco Studio Zones or eight mile zone in New York. There are however, exceptions. They are as follows:

Theatrical, new one hour series, one-half hour and one-hour pilots:

No mileage is payable for a 10 mile radius from a point designated by the Producer once per season or once during the theatrical production period within the 30 mile Los Angeles zone.

Travel to an Overnight Location (no services rendered on Day of Departure):

Day Performers (Theatrical & Television):

When traveling to or from the location on a day when no services are rendered, the performer shall be paid for a full day.

3-Day Performers (Television only):

When traveling to or from the location, the performer goes on salary on the day of departure and remains on salary until the day of arrival at the studio.

Weekly Performers

There are exceptions to this. Please contact a SAG-AFTRA business representative for specific questions.

Flight Insurance:

The Producer must provide coverage of not less than $100,000 for travel by commercial airlines and $250,000 for travel by helicopter. If the producer is unable to provide such coverage, he or she is required to reimburse the performer in full the purchase price of such insurance after showing proof of purchase by the performer.