Member Alert: Union Files Charges Against Ad Agency Grey Global

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Member Alert: Union Files Charges Against Ad Agency Grey Global

Please read this important notice regarding ad agency Grey Global and 23 Townhouse.

Because Grey Global Group failed to cooperate with our investigation of its possible production of non-union commercials through a front company, SAG-AFTRA filed charges today with the National Labor Relations Board. As a SAG-AFTRA member, we wanted you to know as soon as we took action. The NLRB will review these charges and determine if Grey Global is guilty as charged. 

The possible connection between signatory ad agency Grey Global and 23 Townhouse (aka Townhouse 23) triggered our investigation of the potential use of 23 Townhouse as a front company for producing non-union commercials. The charges come after SAG-AFTRA formally requested information and documentation from Grey Global regarding its relationship to 23 Townhouse. We alerted you to this action on April 28.

The member response to that alert has been overwhelming. We’ve received information about Grey Global, 23 Townhouse and other signatory ad agencies. Because the investigation is ongoing, we still need your help. If you or anyone you know has worked on a 23 Townhouse production, tell us about it by clicking here.

Be on the lookout for any information about Grey Global and 23 Townhouse while on set. If you see anything of interest – including information about other signatory ad agencies producing non-union commercials – contact us at

A union staff member will follow up with you. Any info provided is confidential.  

In unity,