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SAG-AFTRA Logo Usage Guidelines for News Media

Dear Member of the News Media,

Please read the following, then provide your name, contact information and check the boxes that apply to your use of the SAG-AFTRA logo. To download the logo, please be sure to check the box indicating you read and understand the terms and conditions for the use of the SAG-AFTRA logo.

If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact the SAG-AFTRA Communications & Marketing Department at


As a general rule, third parties may not use the SAG-AFTRA® logo or other SAG-AFTRA trademarks (“SAG-AFTRA Marks”) without SAG-AFTRA’s express written permission. In order to protect the value of the SAG-AFTRA brand, it is very important that the SAG-AFTRA Marks be used appropriately and only by those third parties who are authorized to do so.
The SAG-AFTRA brand assets found on this site, including the logo, are intended for the use of news media only. By downloading the SAG-AFTRA Marks available on this site, you represent and warrant that you are affiliated with a news organization or are a freelance news reporter and are downloading the SAG-AFTRA Marks for legitimate news reporting purposes.
The SAG-AFTRA logo must be used only pursuant to the guidelines on this page. This site and the guidelines below are designed to help you use our brand and assets without having to obtain specific permission for each use. For questions, or to request permission to use the SAG-AFTRA Marks in a way that is not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at

SAG-AFTRA Logo Guidelines for News Media

The following are some guidelines regarding appropriate usage of the SAG-AFTRA logo and brand:

• Use only the approved logo artwork as provided and as described in the SAG-AFTRA Brand Center.
• The SAG-AFTRA logo may only be reproduced in black or white.
• Do not alter, modify or change the logo in any way. You may not change the typeface, proportions, colors, elements or location of any of the text within the logo. You are permitted to use the logo only in the exact form provided by SAG-AFTRA. The logo may be resized, BUT the relative size and position of all elements in the logo must remain constant. Following are some formatting rules:


- Change the background colors of the brand marks
- Change the colors of fonts or graphics
- Separate the brand marks into parts
- Rotate or change the direction of the brand marks
- Overprint or obstruct any portion of the brand marks
- Add any text or graphics to the brand marks


- Always show the text with the figure
- Always show the full animation of the brand mark
- Allow for at least 0.25” buffer space around the logo

The logo must never be smaller than 1.25” wide. In cases case where a smaller size is needed, please contact .

The following restrictions apply to use of the logo and SAG-AFTRA trademarks:

• Do not use the logo in any manner that is likely to create or cause confusion about the source of any products or services or in any way that inaccurately implies any sponsorship, endorsement, affiliation or association between SAG-AFTRA and any product, service, company or individual.
• Do not use any trademarks, names, domain names, logos, social media accounts or other content that imitates or could be confused with SAG-AFTRA.
• Do not use the logo on or in connection with any merchandise.
• Do not share or otherwise distribute the logo without SAG-AFTRA’s express consent.
SAG-AFTRA is a registered trademark and the Logo Figure is a trademark of SAG-AFTRA. This limited right to use the logo(s) does not constitute a grant of any other right or license. All other rights are expressly reserved by SAG-AFTRA. SAG-AFTRA disclaims all warranties, express and implied, regarding the logo(s), including warranties against infringement. You agree to indemnify SAG-AFTRA from and against any and all claims and liabilities arising out of your use of the logo(s).


The logo is available in two formats - EPS (for print usage) and JPG (for web usage).

For more information, please email
with your questions.