Make Sure You're Connected

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Make Sure You're Connected
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Have questions about the proposed merger? Go to to get the facts, learn about the One Union process, watch videos from your peers, and much, much more.

Merger materials can also be found there, including the Merger Agreement, the proposed SAG-AFTRA Constitution and the P&H/H&R Feasibility Report. Check out the top 40 misconceptions about the merger, read a complete FAQ or send your question via email. If you would rather ask your question in person, the website also provides a list of all merger informational meetings in your area. has the latest merger news, videos from elected leaders such as SAG National President Ken Howard and AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon, and messages from fellow members explaining why they are voting yes for merger. If you wish, you can join them by adding your name to the statement of support.

Log on to — your information resource for the proposed merger.